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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seven Powerful New Features for ADP Social Media Dealer Communities

Ning Feature Digest


Nick Barr
Product Manager

Leaderboards1. Leaderboards

Leaderboards are an excellent way to run a contest or add an element of friendly competition. Since releasing this last week, we've added more: Text Boxes and RSS feeds for the Leaderboard page; a drag-and-drop interface; and the ability to exclude the Network Creator, Admins, and featured content from Leaderboards.

Check out the improvements.

Who's #1? Install it and see.

1. From Settings, choose Features Layout.
2. Drag the Leaderboard module onto the Main Page layout — as you would any other module.
3. Experiment with the settings to display exactly what you need.
Junaid Basir
Product Manager

2. Edit Member Content

Some Network Creators have asked us for the ability to edit member content — usually to make corrections or fix typos. Now, you can. Need to tweak a member-submitted Photo, Video, Event, Blog, or Forum discussion? It's all in your control.

Read more about it.

Extend this power to others

This ability is already live for you as the Network Creator. Want to bestow this ability on others?

1. Navigate to Content, choose Controls.
2. Check the boxes under Edit Content Permissions to give your Administrators or Moderators the power to edit content.
Evan Goldin
Product Manager

3. Your Terms of Service

Terms of ServiceIt's your Ning Network, so why not have your own Terms of Service? If you want to clarify what's acceptable on your network, consider adding your own Terms of Service.

How to make it yours.

Customizing it is easy

1. In Settings, click on Terms of Service and head straight for the large text box.
2. Anything you add will be displayed on your network's Terms of Service page.
Junaid Basir
Product Manager

4. Language Filter 

Need to filter out offensive content from your network? You now have the tool to do it. Available for Ning Pro subscribers, the Language Filter lets you decide what language is and isn't allowed on your network. This is an opt-in feature, so you'll need to turn it on.

Learn more about it.

How to get the words out

1. Choose Content and then Controls.
2. Check the box to Enable Language Filtering.
3. Enter words you want to filter out. They'll show up when posted on your network with one letter followed by asterisks (just like t***).
Junaid Basir
Product Manager

Leaderboards5. More RSS Feeds

Not every Network Creator uses RSS Feeds, but those who use RSS know just how powerful it can be to add content to your Ning Network. Good news: Our RSS feeds just got a lot more powerful. Now you can get feeds for more content, including Events and featured content.

Examine your new RSS options.


RSSWhat is RSS?

If you're not familiar with RSS, read up on it here. It's an easy way for you to share the latest content from your Ning Network with other sites on the Internet.

Evan Goldin
Product Manager

6. Chat Moderators 

If your Ning Network is all about chat, but you don't have all day to moderate every conversation, get more people involved. We recently created a way for you to add a new role: Chat Moderator. This is one that's been requested for some time, and we're happy to be delivering it to you.

All the details about Chat Moderators.

How to assign a Chat Moderator

1. From your Members section, choose Management and Add a Role
2. Check the Chat box to assign the ability to moderate Chat.
3. Appoint trusted members to this new Role.
Kyle Ford
Director of Partner
Design & Development

7. Metaweblog Support

If you're a power blogger, you'll be happy to hear that we've added support for many third-party blogging apps. You can now compose posts in other applications and publish to one or more Ning Networks with the push of a button. It's a powerful tool that opens up new ways for Network Creators to create content more efficiently.

More details about Metaweblog.

The Rear-View Mirror

Did you miss these great new releases from earlier this year? Put them to work for you!

Put Ning Apps on your Main Page.
Back up your network with the Ning Archiver App.
Control how your members share content via Twitter and Facebook.
Put the smack-down on spam and attract better members with powerful verification tools.
A better Captcha joins a long-requested audio Captcha.
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Ralph Paglia
cell: 505-301-6369 

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