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Friday, July 9, 2010

SEO is Not Enough for Automotive Digital Marketing Success


The New Way to Increase Conversions
SEO drives traffic. CodeBaby Conversations create customers. A CodeBaby Conversation is a powerful e-commerce tool that optimizes websites to generate lead capture, improve landing page conversions, and increase cross-sell/up-sell transactions. Find out how our customized solutions produce dramatic results for customers.

SEO Alone is Not Enough 
When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), one truth is everlasting: The landscape is continually changing. And often, when it changes, the resulting shift in rankings can be seismic. Google's announcement of Caffeine is one example. The new partnership between Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! aims to provide a long-term competitor to Google and will impact search results across many major Web properties. Pierre Zarokian explains why SEO alone is no longer enough. Read more...

Monetize & Manage Your Domain Name Portfolio
Domainer Income is a new resource designed to help domain name investors find, analyze and buy domain names while also trying to monetize and manage their growing portfolios. 

The New Content Experience 
With more content on the Internet being delivered to consumers faster and in more ways than ever, Web marketers may have to reconfigure certain aspects of their business plans to create an entirely new user experience. A new content experience which drives awareness, provides entertainment and generates a profit. Read more...

The Effectiveness of Live Chat Technology The newly updated survey of more than 1,000 regular Internet shoppers presents the effects of live chat on online purchasing. Included are data by type of retailer and five bottom-line conclusions for e-commerce websites. Sponsored by Bold Software. Download now 

Listrak Campaign Erases Merchant's Cart Abandonment Woes 
While analysts estimate that shopping cart abandonment costs e-commerce merchants $18 billion in lost revenues each year, a recent survey revealed that fewer than 15 percent of online retailers have a plan in place to combat the issue.

Brightcove Powers Retailer's Fashionable Video Display 

Women's fashion retailer Warehouse is one company whose use of video to enhance its online presence has paid off immediately — at least aesthetically.

Wize Acquisition Gives NexTag More to Offer 

Comparison shopping site NexTag has announced the acquisition of product review site Wize, a purchase that will significantly enhance NexTag's offerings to online consumers and increase marketing opportunities for merchants.

Offerpal to Monetize Apps for Yahoo! Developers 

Offerpal Media, which provides virtual currency monetization solutions for online games and social networks, will help developers make money on their applications through the Yahoo! Application Platform (Y!AP). 

Collaborative Apps Poised to Boom 

Research from IDC reveals that the revenue for the collaborative applications market was $7.6 billion in 2009. The top three vendors, which include Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco, accounted for more than 55 percent of the market total. 

IT Jobs at Risk; Blame the Cloud 

Cloud computing (including services such as SaaS and managed IT services) is certainly making it easier for small business to compete - thanks in part to lower cost - but those in IT are not so lucky.

AppMakr Upgrades to Full iOS 4 

Self-service application creation platform AppMakr announced an upgrade which features full iOS 4 compatibility and adds some interesting advanced CSS and JavaScript customization capabilities.

Digg Seeks Salvation 

Several weeks ago, Website Magazine Senior Editor Mike Phillips proclaimed Digg was Deadd. So, when he received an invite to alpha test the new, he decided to conduct his own post-mortem. Here's what he found.

Click Fraud Unchanged (Sort Of)

Anchor Intelligence released its traffic quality report for Q2 2010 and it appears that the attempted click fraud rate is remaining consistent (sort of).

Monetize & Manage Your Domain Name Portfolio
Domainer Income is a new resource designed to help domain name investors find, analyze and buy domain names while also trying to monetize and manage their growing portfolios. 

Beat the Web Summer Doldrums
Something happens in late June and early July: Web traffic (always) slows. Blame it on the uptick in people taking summer vacations. For some, the pace slows dramatically. How do you beat the Web summer doldrums?

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