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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Web Form Submit Confirmation Reduces Spam Filter Lead Response Blocks

The form submission confirmation page with acknowledgment and instructions to the consumer shown below is a practice that should be implemented within all dealership web sites. Many consumers never see the email responses sent to them by Internet Sales Specialists working in car dealership's because the quotes or information requested is being sent from a dealership email address or CRM system that the consumer has never sent an email to from their own email client. Most ISP's and email systems in use today are set to scrutinize all incoming messages from previously unseen or "sent to" email addresses. When this occurs, virtually all dealership sent email is blocked because the messages usually contain words that trigger the email to be flagged as Spam. Price quotes, purchasing opportunity, incentives, current rebates, monthly payments, APR and many other typical dealership email content items are all among the Spam Filter flagging types of words and content that will get dealer sent email blocked... When consumers follow the directions in the confirmation page shown below, the Spam Filter blockage of dealer sent email is far less likely to happen. More importantly, the confirmation message shown below alerts consumers that they may not receive a response, despite the dealer sending one, for reasons other than lack of responsiveness by the dealer... Setting the stage for increased likelihood of phone contact between consumer and dealership ISS.

Your request has been received and information has been sent to you.

Please check your e-mail!

IMPORTANT! To make sure that our mail reaches your inbox correctly and is not blocked by mistake, please add our email address to your whitelist. and to your email address book and/or to "whitelist" (trusted senders).

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