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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Automotive Digital Dealer Marketing News, Social Media Strategy and Internet Sales Manager Tactics

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Blog: Let's Play Make a Deal -- Cliff Banks  
by Cliff Banks  
Several months ago, I wrote that 2010 would be a year of acquisitions in the technology space. Whether I'll be able to brag about my predicting abilities at the end of the year remains to be seen. These deals are hard to get across the finish line for a lot of reasons. I know of at least one significant buy that recently fell apart at the end.  Click here to read the full blog.

It's Good to Do the 'Get Around'
by Joe Webb 
One reason study abroad programs are so popular for today's youth is that they can open one's eyes up to new experiences and cultures. Often, some of our fondest memories in life stem from our vacation and travel experiences.  They expand our thinking and change our beliefs about how we fit into our world.  Very few things can have as profound an impact as going from place to place – or as I like to call it, "doing the Get Around."  Click here to read more. 

Benefits Build Relationships  
by TJ Wisner 
Research tells us that sales people, in general, cannot describe the difference between their products' or services' (F&B's) features and benefits. For that matter, most companies and many marketing "experts" often fail to properly delineate the key differences between features and benefits.  Click here to read more. 

Ford, Be Fair to Your Mercury Dealers 
Cliff Banks 
Ford Motor Co. and its President CEO Alan Mulally are today's feel good story basking in the warm glow of what has been a good run the last couple of years. And yes, it is deserved. Mulally and company have done a remarkable job guiding Ford through the recent recession to profitability while hitting some homeruns with newly launched products. But -- there is a but -- Ford seems to be getting a free pass on the Mercury story. Click here to read the full blog.

  Daily Affirmation

 "Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures."

       --H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Life's Little Instruction Book

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