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Friday, August 6, 2010

Ning Network Creators Inside Tips and News

A message to all members of Creators

"Best of the Week" Creators Digest

A digest for Creators of discussions, blog posts, and interesting things found along the way in the past week — on Ning and across the Internet.

On Creators

Apply for the Ning API Beta: Want to make something cool or building something new using Ning's technology? We're now accepting applications for our API. If you're a Ning Pro user with a great idea that you've been wanting to get moving, let us know.

Higher Invite Limits: Creators are never shy of offering feedback. Case in point: Our invitation limits for members. Some of you kindly encouraged us to relax those limits a bit and allow members to invite more people. So, we've made a few changes, including giving you the ability to change some of those settings. Read all about it.

Made by Awesome Creators

Stefaan Boel: 
Across the Internet 

Are Niche Communities the Future of Networks?: "Can niche networks take a big portion of the market share of global social networks away in the future? Can you see people going away from the self-glorifying popular networks that the mainstream Web user is engaged in?"
"Social implies a conversation — an actual back and forth — but mostly what Facebook and Twitter offer is a way for people - or "friends" - to talk at you"
"A few solid tips on how to stop giving up your day just because you need to pay rent and buy food."
We hope you've found this Best of the Week digest valuable!

— The Creators Team

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