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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SEO and PPC are Kissing Cousins

Ann - very good post, and for the most part, I agree... Especially the concept of achieving balance in the mix of SEO activities and PPC campaigns. Where I think we may disagree is that I prefer a strategy that focuses on using SEO for a limited range of keywords and phrases, usually the ones that are both most relevant to our targeted traffic, and which also happen to be pricey to target in PPC due to competition. Then, I like to use PPC for the lower cost and long tail complexities of 3+ keyword phrase matches and search terms that my client wants to target which are not worthy of replacing any of our SEO targeted terms.

I have found this to be a combination that provides a balanced mix with strong results for a reasonable budget.

Keep up the great work you do and the information rich articles you publish... And thanks for the Twitter mention!


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