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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Optimizing Automotive Social Media Advertising Campaigns is announcing today the release of (, a multivariate text and image online advertising optimization platform which allows car dealers and their marketing partners to quickly and efficiently test hundreds of ad variations via a single interface. allows automotive advertisers to optimize by clicks or conversions, utilizing either full factorial or fractional factorial multivariate testing. Fractional factorial testing allows for car dealers and their advertising partners to test many ad components with far fewer impressions required – allowing dealers and their marketing resources to determine winning combinations of image and word elements far more quickly than if they ran every possible combination. Some benefits to dealership advertisers include:
  • Facebook Ads API Beta partner. Full integration into Facebook's proprietary and highly targetable ad system.
  • Test more ads for less money. Multivariate ad creation and optimization gets answers quickly, requiring fewer impressions to be effective while spending less money getting to optimal results.
  • Optimization automation. Car Dealers get reporting on the most statistically significant advertising offers and their elements at any time.
  • Store and reuse. Save automotive advertising campaigns and the promotional images (of any size) in your image library for later re-use
  • More Wordsmithing. Get copy suggestions via BoostCTR integration.
  • Integrate. Reporting interfaces with's existing CPMatic system, which allows for self-service website display ad campaign management, retargeting, adserving, social media engagement tracking and optimization.
To sign up for visit and enter the invitation code NEWS01, and your contact information, or contact us with questions. - Finding Favorable Frequency
September 27 - Rob Leathern writes a column for discussing how difficult it is to determine and optimize for frequency in online automotive advertising today:

Myth 1: "Frequency is one of the few controllable or targetable parts of a campaign.": That's very difficult, and the evidence is all around you in those retargeting campaigns plastered all over many sites "following you." more here

Myth 2: "Since frequency can be better controlled, publishers can price and deliver frequency better.": ...most website and social media publishers also have legacy ad serving systems that serve the automotive marketer's ad tags and do not have "awareness" of how often ads are being shown to a particular user. more here
Read the full article at
Facebook Audience Gets Older and Savvier (?)
In May 2009, 70% of all Facebook users in the US were under the age of 35 – that dropped to just 59% this month (September 2010). Learn about the age and gender trends shaping the addressable Facebook population.

See the data on's blog
As a reminder, to sign up for visit and enter the invitation code NEWS01, and your contact information, or contact us with questions.

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