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Monday, October 4, 2010

The 19 E's of Excellent Social Media

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"We don't know what social media's most effective marketing uses will be in the future. But if you want to get a hint of what it will be like, here's my suggestion: Don't think mass marketing. Don't think of advertising-type metrics, such as reach, frequency, big numbers, and "cutting through the clutter. "Think micro. Think relationships. Think of a customer saying, "What's in it for me?" not a marketer saying, "Cool, I have another marketing tool!" Think of customers talking with each other, not companies adding social media to their "marketing mix."
Tom Peters

The 19 E's of Excellent Social Media

When I was in college, I used Tom Peters for inspiration all of the time. In fact, whenever I was stuck on anything, like a paper or a project, I'd pull out a copy of Thriving on Chaos or Re-Imagine! and get charged up with a few new ideas. Today is no different. While I'm rarely stuck for lack of ideas, I still love how Tom sees the world. The following list is an adapted (to the world of social media) remix of The 19 Es of Excellence in Tom's book The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE. Enjoy.

Enthusiasm. [You have to be possessed (the original meaning of the word!) with a deep respect for your customers and enjoy interacting with them on their terms in social media.]
Energy. [Your customers can tell. You need to bring energy and life to your interactions. This is not for the couch potatoes! (even though much social media is done from the couch!)]
Exuberance. [Take off the restraints and get into the trenches with your hyper-connected influencers. Take an abundance mentality approach to the possibilities in social media!]
Execution. [If you're going to do this right, just do it now! Start with one idea and get rolling. As Bill Parcells says: "Blame no one! Expect nothing! Do something!"]
Empowerment. [The best social-ready organizations are those who realize that social media goes beyond Marcomm. Get the ENTIRE COMPANY involved. Everyone benefits (customers AND employees)!
Edginess. [You're already at the frontier of marketing. Don't weigh it down with your old baggage. Embrace it for everything it can do…for your customers!]
Enraged. [No, don't go 'nuts on your customers' but you do need to get angry at the status quo. You're better. Make a commitment to be the best in your industry at the social media game.]
Engaged. [This is it. The holy grail of social media. ENGAGEMENT. Be in touch, be on time, be relevant, listen more than you speak and have good manners at the table.]
Electronic. [This is the 60/60/24/7 cycle, where every second of every minute of every hour counts. Publish or perish (or is it tweet or be tweeted?). Engage in electronic community building and entanglement of every sort. Crowdsourcing rules!]
Encompassing. [Social media is a universe and an ecosystem, not a silo. It should encompass everything you do. Online, and offline.]
Emotion. [This is the one thing that drives your customers to act. It's the essence of marketing. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Employ it.]
Empathy. [Empathy is one of the great gifts of the social media connected. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and deliver some real value!]
Experience. [Wise social media sages did not become that overnight. Put in your time, interact daily and never stop learning!]
Eliminate. [Make grand plans but execute one at a time. Do everything you do in social media well – even if that's only one thing!]
Errorprone. [Give your social media people some margin for error. The best case studies today were the worst cases of yesterday. Learn fast, fix it faster and move on!]
Evenhanded. [This is not a place for false advertising. You can't hide in social media. Make it fair, open, transparent, authentic and human.]
Expectations. [What do you expect social media to do for you? You MUST set your expectations ahead of time. Set them for your executives too so that they know what to expect!]
Eudaimonia. [Be social; be happy, do good things for good people and social media will produce great results. Pursue your 'higher holy calling' and you can't go wrong.]
Excellence. [The only standard! Never an exception! Start now! No excuses! If not Excellence, what? If not Excellence now, when?]



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