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Thursday, October 14, 2010

9th Digital Dealer Conference Industry Expert Presenters

Consultants/Trainers/Industry Experts


Silent Killers
True stories of good money wasted online and how avoid them yourself

We will examine where dealerships have received no return from online initiatives and how to keep from following in their footsteps. The audience will decide which topics we go over using interactive text during the session. Topics include horror stories from SEM, SEO, web sites, banners, used car advertising, e-mail leads and others.  Learn from other dealers. Don't let these mistakes suck your profits dry.

Matthew Belk is an automotive change agent. His job is to take sometimes complex technology and theory and communicate it in a way that will help sell more cars. He is chief of ideas with Better Car People where they find innovative, cost effective ways to help dealers navigate the online jungle.

With over 15 years experience in the automotive industry, Belk draws significant knowledge from his 11 years with the Hendrick Automotive Group, one of the nation's pre-eminent dealer groups.  Charged with heading up Hendrick's eBusiness initiative, in 2007 alone, Belk helped drive an unprecedented 27,000 e-business sales.


Q&A with Brian Benstock
Get your questions answered by one of the top dealers in the country

Have a question for Brian? This is the session for you as Brian will field questions from the audience on what drives Paragon's success. Questions can cover any dealership-related topic -- fixed operations, used cars, new cars, finance and insurance, Internet, structure, pay plans, etc.

Brian Benstock is the partner and general manager for Paragon Honda in Queens, NY. He has worked at Paragon since 1982 and has been a partner since 1997. Today he runs the store with Edith Singer. Paragon has become one of the top-selling Honda and Acura stores in the country, both in sales and CSI.


Phil Long Ford Increases Business by 140% While Reducing Ad Budget
Jim White, GM of Phil Long Ford, implemented a new targeted marketing strategy that uses e-mail, mail and digital marketing and grew 45% in retail sales and 190% in service. 

In this case study, learn how Phil Long Ford:

  • Used a new marketing strategy to attract more traffic while lowering its total ad budget.
  • Created a list of perfect prospects that had a higher statistical probability of buying and servicing with its dealership in the short term and a higher retention in the long term.
  • Increased its market share by aggressively marketing to in-market customers and conquest prospects that have the highest statistical probability of doing business with them.
  • Increased closing ratios and average grosses by attracting customers that are in the market, have more equity and better credit.
  • Improved service retention and number of ROs by 190% by sending custom offers to each customer based on their particular driving habits and by targeting conquest prospects that drive its brand, live in its market, but did not buy from its dealership.
  • Launched a new 360-communication system and renewal process to talk to its customer base from the point of sale to resale, speaking to the right customers at the right time with the right offers.

Learn first-hand from a Phil Long Ford representative and Budd Blackburn, marketing expert from Team Velocity, how all this was accomplished.

Budd Blackburn combines his retail and training background to bring best practices to many of the nation's top automotive groups. As co-founder of Team Velocity, one of the nation's leading and newest targeted marketing companies, Blackburn has architected a strategy that identifies dealers' top prospects for sales, service, warranty renewal and more.


Extreme Web Page Makeover
On-the-spot web site and landing page analysis with practical advice you can take back to the store today

The title says it all, we will take submissions of web pages and landing pages from the audience and critique them on the spot giving the site owner and audience real world examples of how to go back to the store and increase leads today.

Larry Bruce has 20-plus years of retail automotive and technology experience including: partner,; VP, Managed Marketing Solutions Reynolds & Reynolds; founder, president and CEO AIMData; founder, president and CEO; president; GM, Sanddollar Autoplex; finance director, Jay Marks Automotive Group.


Conversion Marketing
Avoiding the seven deadly sins of search, e-mail and display marketing

The more things change the more people stay the same. How customers find your store through digital media changes hourly, but what they want, do and react to when they get to your site or landing page is human behavior and much has been the same since the dawn of marketing. Are you committing many or even all of these seven sins that keeps your web site and landing pages from optimal performance?

Larry Bruce has 20-plus years of retail automotive and technology experience including: partner,; VP, Managed Marketing Solutions Reynolds & Reynolds; founder, president and CEO AIMData; founder, president and CEO; president; GM, Sanddollar Autoplex; finance director, Jay Marks Automotive Group.



Third-Party Leads – Are They Still Necessary and if So, How Can You Be the Most Successful with Them?
Veteran performance coach Dennis Colome shows how to make your Internet department the envy of the dealership

Millions of consumers submit a purchase request for a vehicle at a third-party web site every year. Over 50% of those requests eventually result in a vehicle purchase.* Ninety-three percent of dealers surveyed say that third-party leads play an important role in how they generate business,** however, their value is often dismissed or taken for granted in the rush for the next great digital media fad. Where does the truth lie? How do dealerships in 2010 ensure they are getting the most out of third-party leads? How do they differ from OEM and dealership site leads? How have these online customers changed and how should dealership processes change to meet their expectations…or should they?

Veteran dealership trainer and performance coach Dennis Colome of Autobytel shares insights and best practices, from an over 30-year career in the auto industry, that are proven to not only make the Internet department the envy of the dealership, but to ramp up ROI and efficient car sales to make the entire dealership the envy of its region. Here are some things you will take away from the talk:

  • Use best practices to increase your close rate
  • Use third-party leads to make great gross profits
  • Use third-party leads to strategically grow your business
  • Understand the thinking of the third-party shopper and use it to your advantage

R.L. Polk/Autobytel Study
**Autobytel 15th Anniversary of the Internet Survey, 2010

Dennis Colome of Autobytel is known nationally as one of the best dealership process trainers in the industry and is a pioneer in helping dealership sales personnel adapt and improve their sales practices for the rapidly evolving Internet customer. Colome has helped establish the company as an industry leader in empowering dealers with the processes, best practices and knowledge they need to deal effectively with today's car-buyer. He has trained thousands of dealerships in the U.S. and countries as far away as India. He brings nearly three decades of retail sales and training experience to Autobytel.


Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing, its all about Community Engagement !
We have been using digital media for social interaction, networking and gathering information long before it became today's hottest topic. Here are some thought provoking and maybe controversial insights!

Whether you like it or not you live in a transparent world where your customers, friends and foes have total access to media applications with the ability to broadcast opinions, experiences and photographs about you, the dealership and the manufacturer. If you do not engage with them now, through the media channels and devices they use you will be left behind in the dust by your competitors as they forge ahead with the retail car buying public within and around your community.

This is not rocket science and it is nothing new, we are at the same crossroad that was created with the emergence of the Interent 15 years ago as a portal for the automotive retail car-buying consumer. Back then, it was about access to information and pricing, now it is about the consumer's ability to interact on a global stage and publish content anywhere, any time and from multiple devices. You need to engage them, communicate with them and build relationships. The fundamentals have not changed, it's all about the customer and the world they live in, not the world we think they do!

Allan Cooper is one of the visionary thought leaders of the USA automotive industry. Cooper has over 25 years of global sales, finance and management experience, and has been publicly recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as one of the 10 original automotive Internet pioneers. Over the past 10 years, he has expanded his scope to include digital, social media and mobile marketing strategies that utilize emerging technology and media concepts for an extensive network of international clientele in the retail, sports marketing, and entertainment industries. He has a passion for assisting children globally through his executive involvement with the Tiger Woods Foundation in the USA and the Steve Waugh Foundation in Australia.


With History, There is no Mystery
Learning to compete against the individual and the InternetWe have this competitive spirit to compete directly against the other new car dealers in our market. We gauge our performance based on the other dealers in our market.  When in actuality the biggest competition that we have is the private individual. They sell four times more current to six-year-old vehicles every month, in every market across the country, than the new car dealer.  They utilize two methods primarily to do this. One is the Internet and the second is display.  How do we do this as effectively and profitably as they do ?

Tim Deese founded Progressive Basics in 1981 as a training company dedicated to training dealers and used car managers to improve the used car department in their dealerships. Starting from an independent dirt lot to owning two new car dealerships, Deese sat in every seat in the dealership from porter to manufacturer before opening Progressive Basics. He has spoken numerous times for NADA, FADA (Canada), Hong Kong, AADA (Australia) and Fenabrave (Brazils NADA).  You can read his articles in Dealer magazine and several other national publications. Deese has had the honor of training over 50,000 dealers and managers around the world.



Five-Star Reputation, Five Easy Ways
Important strategies and tactics every dealership should implement to influence brand perception online

Social networking has changed the online world as we know it today. Now social communities and online contributors share experiences and in doing so define a dealership's collective reputation…

If unmanaged your online reputation could become a digital scarlet letter and mold inaccurate perceptions of your business' services and values.  However, if managed, this online reputation can promote incremental business and marketing results. 

Join Brice Englert in understanding the five simple ways to turn your online reputation into a recognized five-star success story!

Brice Englert joined @utoRevenue as the general manager in 2008 and has successfully forged a unique vision of unmatched customer service and innovation. @utoRevenue clients have benefitted from comprehensive packages of marketing solutions to drive higher customer retention in service and sales.  Prior to leading @utoRevenue, Englert was integral in Dominion Enterprise's mergers and acquisitions activity including the purchases of four of the 10 existing DDS businesses.  He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University. Prior to graduate school, he proudly served as a captain in the USAF and led a program developing software tools to support joint war-gaming.


Rick Case Increases Profits by Increasing Appointment Ratio by 50% with New Call Monitoring Technology

Rick Case Automotive improved its sales and service business by reengineering its entire strategy for how its customers are handled in the most common entry point to the dealership – the phones. Rick Case monitors all of the inbound calls and sends real-time alerts to managers when a customer is mishandled so they can follow up to save deals, improve processes and get better results.

In this case study, learn how Rick Case Automotive:

  • Analyzed all of the profit leaks in their phone process for sales and service
  • Implemented a new strategy and process for turning calls into appointments that show and pay more than walk-in customers
  • Dramatically improved CSI scores by using daily summary reports to improve dealership processes
  • Increased sales and service business by improving the customer experience over the phone
  • Improved its advertising by spending less on marketing that was less successful and by spending more on campaigns that create calls that close

Learn first-hand from Naz Eosso, executive director of marketing and e-commerce for Rick Case Automotive, and Chip King, phone process expert from CallRevu, on how to improve your profitability by converting more calls into customers that spend more and come back more often.

Naz Eosso is currently the executive director of marketing and e-commerce for the Rick Case Automotive Group. She spearheads corporate traditional and digital marketing efforts, as well as e-commerce processes for a top 100 dealer group. Her automotive career includes over 10 years proactive experience developing, executing and measuring innovative and effective marketing initiatives. She previously worked in advertising for Southeast Toyota, Mattel, and Davis Elen Advertising.

Chip King is an automotive industry veteran with over 25 years experience. After backing a college buddy in what was essentially an automotive flea market, the Baltimore Auto Market, "hosting" the sale of hundreds of cars weekly at Baltimore's World Trade Center parking lot, King became enamored with everything about the purchase and sale of automobiles. He spent six years in sales management, 12 years as an independent dealer and 10 years as general manager of Jerry's Toyota in Baltimore, MD.


'Knew' Knowledge Yields 'Knew' Ideas to Overcome Today's 'Knew' Economy
If you 'knew' more about today's auto shoppers, could you use this knowledge to change your sales success?

In this "new" economy, consumers are more cautious and more selective than ever. To adapt to this new shopper behavior, we need new knowledge on how these shoppers are approaching their next vehicle purchase. This knowledge is only obtained through the collection and aggregation of shopper data from across the Internet. By having this knowledge, we gain the power to market the right product to the right people, and the right place and right time…at the right price.
Meaning, by observing the behavior of online shoppers, both on and off your own web site, we can see exactly how long a shopper has shopped, how many vehicles they have looked at and how many places they have been to perform this research. Using this new knowledge allows us to customize all of our communications, incentives, sales process and sales approach to fit the individual demands of each shopper.

With almost 20 years experience in the automotive industry, Jason Ezell started one of the most unique and respected web site companies in the industry, Dealerskins. As a member of JD Power's Internet Round Table, an NADA 20 Group Preferred Speaker and a Digital Dealer Conference Speaker, to writing for several industry magazines for years, Ezell is well known as an expert in automotive Internet for his statistical approach to analyzing user data to better understand how to sell cars on the Internet. Ezell is currently president and co-founder of Dataium LLC, providing consumer behavioral analytics to the automotive industry.




Video Search Engine Optimization
How to best utilize video on the Internet to advertise your dealership and sell more cars
Video has become one of the most important tools for dealers to utilize on the Internet.

Dealers need to understand how video can attract more potential customers and sell more cars. Video on a dealer web site makes the site more sticky but dealers need to use video to get potential customers to their site. Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) allows dealers to get a branded message about their dealership and their vehicles out to the people where they are searching on the search engines.  Ninety percent of people start their car search on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and now on sites like YouTube and MetaCafe. Dealers need to distribute and optimize branded messages about their dealership to gain coveted organic listings in these major search engines. 

John Ferber is CEO of Car-Mercial. Ferber is a true visionary and pioneer of the digital world, from creating the first-ever online interactive game to co-founding and building, the world's largest and most successful third-party online advertising network known today as the cornerstone of AOL's Platform A. In 2004, was sold to AOL. Today, remains the largest single source for global online reach. Ferber has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, LLP, as well as a Washington Techway top executive under the age of 30 and one of IT Recruiter Magazine's "Top Techies to Watch." Under his direction as chief product officer,'s products and technologies set the trend for the industry, winning numerous awards such as ClickZ's "Best Optimization Technology" (2002) and "Best Advertising Network" (2004).

Erik Simons – CTO of Car-Mercial is the designer and developer of video search engine optimization. Simons has been involved in SEO since its inception, starting the first ever online affiliate program. In 2004, he turned his attention to VSEO noting that with the expansion of bandwidth the Internet was primed for video. Simons has worked with Fortune 100 companies, as well as many celebrity personalities to develop video digital strategies that have helped them increase their web presence and revenue. 


New Ideas in Hub Marketing with WordPress
Become more time efficient by centralizing your social and online marketing using WordPress to generate greater profits

At DD8 Mike Fitzpatrick's session was "WordPress as the Website/Microsite of the Future" and it covered the potential of WordPress. At DD9 he is going to take it further by showing you how to create a web site/blog using WordPress that will serve as your centralized marketing platform. Add video, manage Facebook and Twitter, generate e-mail campaigns and newsletters all from one location with a single point of entry. Then view and measure analytics from one location so that you can determine if what you are doing is working. Ten lucky attendees will receive a WordPress hubsite and hosting for one year with the same settings that we will cover in the session for free.

Mike Fitzpatrick, also known as the NetBizCoach is VP of Sales and Marketing for DealerTrend Inc.  With over 16 years of automotive experience, he understands the needs of dealers as they are thrust into this digital age. An expert in analytics, SEO, web site usability, and general Internet marketing, you will leave his session with tools and knowledge that you can successfully implement right away.


Creating the Internal Support Required within your Dealership
How to maximize your messaging

This fast paced session is designed especially for dealers, general managers, Internet managers and Internet consultants from Ford Lincoln Mercury dealerships. The presenters are Paul Smith and Jason Robinson from the Ford Lincoln Mercury Digital Marketing Team.

Paul Smith will demonstrate how to use your local data to align your Internet department and create a successful top down strategy. Participants will be able to go back to their dealership find their data and assure their Internet selling process addresses what matters most to their local buyer.

Jason Robinson will show dealerships how to leverage the Ford national and regional marketing.  Robinson will share tips and tricks that will help dealerships localize Fords advertising. Participants will leave with fresh ideas to liven their e-mail broadcast.

The Ford Lincoln Mercury Digital Team – a national group of dedicated professional who work with Ford Lincoln Mercury dealerships on a daily basis. The team works in-dealerships side by side with dealers, GMs, sales managers, Internet directors and Internet consultants to boost sales profits by improving Internet strategies and selling tactics.


Increase Effectiveness of your CRM and Dealer Web Site

Learn more about how you can use the new SalesPoint version 11 to help you convert your Internet leads into sales. And see the latest Targeted Marketing and DealerConnection dealer web site enhancements that will drive more sales and service leads to you – including new vehicle pricing, new vehicle videos and more. Our team of experts will give you a sneak peak at 2011 FordDirect initiatives and share with you some of the emerging trends and opportunities to grow your business.

JT Luginski , Director of Product Integration at FordDirect has spent nine years in various areas of the automotive industry. He joined FordDirect at the beginning of 2009 and has drawn upon his unique industry background in marketing, technology, finance, quality and design to continually deliver quality products to the dealer body. He currently leads the CRM, database marketing, and Internet lead management product strategies at FordDirect.

Kristine Walker , ILM Product Manager at FordDirect. Walker joined FordDirect in 2008 and has focused her efforts on lead management and integration, database marketing, and CRM research and development. Prior to joining FordDirect, she worked with such companies as Coca-Cola, Disney, and Proctor & Gamble developing and maintaining customer loyalty programs.

Ryan Soffa , Director of Product Development at FordDirect has a unique blend of dealership and manufacturer experience. Soffa joined FordDirect in 2003. Throughout his career, he has been involved in the automotive industry. He has experience working on the retail, wholesale, and third party sides of this industry. Before joining FordDirect, he held various positions in the retail automotive marketplace where he learned how to make every dime count and produce sales each day. Previously, Soffa was the director of operations at FordDirect.  He was responsible for product management, strategy and their dealer consulting team.


Price Wars: Revenge of the Value Proposition
A long time ago in a dealership far, far away...

There is unrest in the dealership universe. Several thousand dealers have declared their intentions to leave the Value Alliance. This separatist movement, with the advent of price driving software technologies, has made it difficult for the limited number of value-focused dealerships to maintain gross in their local and regional galaxies. Mike Frazer, a former district manager turned dealer merchandising consultant, is presenting price integrity in a familiar but forgotten light...through the maintenance of on-air and online value-based merchandising...

Mike Frazer resigned his position as a top performing sales manager and merchandising systems developer after nearly four years at to help open a used car superstore in South Florida. Concerned that his client's competitors were "racing each other to the bottom," Frazer created a dealership and inventory merchandising strategy based on total transparency and vehicle value building. After completing a four-month consulting agreement "living the life of a GM," his focus on value building across broadcast and digital classified advertising channels resulted in a 400% increase in sales while holding above average front and back-end gross for his dealer client. Today, he continues his consulting services as national sales manager of Chroma Cars, LLC, a web site/inventory hosting and photo services company specializing in digital merchandising software solutions.



Internet Marketing and Social Media for Independents and Small Franchise Dealers
How to play with the big guys

We will take a look at the situation faced by independent/small franchise dealers, share winning approaches by dealers who have moved ahead, and share specific best practices to avoid the pitfalls in new marketing, and where to get more information.
Topics include:

  1. Maximizing results from web sites
  2. Expanding the dealership's Internet presence using free toolsWhat are the new social media/Internet marketing tools
  3. How to engage with social media to take advantage of it without increasing overhead
  4. Which new tools offer quickest return on time invested
  5. Examples of good Internet marketing and social media by dealers
  6. Specific web sites/resources for more tips and best practices
  7. Avoiding security and privacy issues on social sites

Attendees will leave this session with answers to the top eight questions dealers ask about this topic, specific practical tips they can implement for free, and ways to increase ROI from Internet marketing.

Ken Gibson worked with the General Motors Standards for Excellence program (SFE) as part of a team working with dealers to help overcome the effects of the recession, and drive sales through process improvement and Internet marketing. He worked with some of the best dealers, helping them earn as much a $1 million in bonuses while streamlining processes and maximizing ROI. In 2008, he founded Gibson Internet Marketing Consultants and was selected to develop Internet training for the 1,100 dealers of the Colorado Independent Auto Dealers Association. He has trained over 100 dealers in Internet marketing and social media.


Rev Up Online Sales with the Newest e-Business Strategies and Tools
Learn about cutting-edge technologies and ideas that can drive successful and profitable online sales transactions

As consumers become increasingly open to the idea of completing more of their vehicle buying transaction online, more dealerships are debuting e-business tools to lure these buyers to their web site, and to try to keep them there to find their perfect vehicle match. But your success depends on much more than simply having a "buy" button on your web site.

This presentation will provide information on newly available technologies to enhance interest in your site and provide you ideas to help rev up this increasingly important segment of your business. Examples include learning about smart-search capabilities that allow consumers to research vehicles, and then find the best matches within your inventory. You will discover online financing tools that tie-into F&I programs so that your potential buyer can access fast and accurate monthly payment information and make an online credit application all from your dealer web site. Complete with examples from early adopters, attendees will walk away with new ideas and tools to drive profitable online sales.

Robin Goodyer is the director of Product Management for Chrome, a DealerTrack Company. At Chrome, Goodyer drives the development new products and enhancements to the Chrome business lines that promote e-commerce, while streamlining business processes for the automotive industry. He has served in sales and marketing for the last 13 years, holding positions in companies such as Ford as a product manager, district sales manager and export operations manager. He has also worked for leading marketing companies such as JATO Dynamics, MD of Polk Marketing Systems (GB) and RoadtoData GmbH.


Taking Online Reputation Management to a Whole New Level
From making reviews a marketing machine to expanding into fixed operations to tackling online piracy

Reputation management has attracted buzz this year – and with all buzz comes a tendency to think…'next.' Dealers are bombarded with online flavor-of-the-month-strategies, when they haven't had time to put the digital backbones in place. Reputation management is one such backbone. As long as there's an Internet and customers (and search engines heavily rewarding what's most relevant to consumers in the top results), it will remain the highest ROI 'social media' you can do…impacting customers at that moment-of-truth, when they're actually selecting dealers for sales and service.

This presentation delivers a 100%-proven, step-by-step roadmap for taking ORM to the next level.

Distilled from best practices of the most successful dealerships nationwide, attendees will learn how to:

* Transform reviews into a marketing machine: From innovative point-of-sale and lead follow-up strategies to utilizing review/salesperson-centered website sub-domains to video campaigns.

*Expand into service: A fixed operations review campaign can catapult you into the top Google local listings – which will drive major, incremental traffic/calls. But the process is unique: from the best incentive programs for service teams to the best review-gathering methods for service, parts and accessories to which sites to target.

* Act beyond review sites: The right ways to track, manage and take action at consumer complaint sites – and unleash positive feedback at social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

* Tackle online piracy: 'Pirate' sites (using your dealership's trademarked name/inventory in their metatags) not only steal your rightful, first-page 'search turf' and leads – they can hurt your reputation. How to identify search piracy, and how to stamp it out.

(Attendees receive a physical playbook detailing processes, providing templates, scripts, etc.)

Russell Grant has 17 years experience in dealer training, and serves as national sales director for eXtéresAUTO, a total 'search asset management' provider. He is responsible for instituting the most cutting-edge online reputation management and search campaigns for hundreds of dealers every year – and is a frequent, very successful presenter at dealer 20 groups nationwide.   Before eXteresAUTO he served as business growth strategist for J&L Marketing, the national leader in direct marketing campaigns for the automotive industry. 

Dealer 2.0
A new operating system for winning a new consumer and increasing dealer profitability

The old operating system for automotive retail was singularly focused on maximizing gross profit one transaction at a time in a command and control sales process. As the Internet has evolved as a medium for research and communication, a new consumer has emerged, demanding a sales process that is faster, better and more efficient from what the traditional salesperson, closer and "deskman" is typically neither willing nor rewarded to provide.

This growing segment of consumers wants a new retail operating system from their dealership and many successful dealers are fulfilling the demand. Our session will detail for sales leaders five key strategies for winning this new consumer, and provide specific examples of how to implement these new strategies in not only your Internet department but in your dealership.

David Greene brings a sterling reputation as one of the automotive industry's most progressive and effective performance and training professionals. Greene has been in the automotive industry since 1980 and has worked in all aspects of retail sales management. Prior to founding e-Pro Automotive Group, Greene was EVP of Sales and Service for Reply!, an online marketing services firm. He also served as vice president of Sales and Dealer Network Operations for, one of the first publicly traded online auto buying services. He had overall responsibility for dealer network development, dealer training and consulting services, customer care and account management.


Strategies for Implementing Market Based Pricing
New sales processes to effectively reduce showroom and call center discounting

Today, what a vehicle will sell for is largely determined by what is seen by the Internet shopper. John Griffin, Vice President of Performance Management for vAuto, Inc. will identify tools and processes for creating a transparent sales process that will allow you to defend your market pricing strategy with every customer. The execution of these strategies will reduce discounting and improve average gross profit.

John Griffin brings a wealth of automotive retail experience to the vAuto management team. Griffin has more than 20 years of executive management experience at some of the most successful dealer groups in the country. Designing and implementing highly effective sales and operational management processes throughout his career, he has developed a specialty as an accomplished trainer, providing results-driven training programs for all levels of dealership personnel. Griffin has also provided consulting services to manufacturers, re-marketers, auctions and suppliers in the automotive industry. He has also completed comprehensive management training through OEM executive and dealer development programs.


New Efficiencies to Increase Profits in an 'Old' Used Car Department
Driving better processes for greater results

Overcoming market challenges, having to do more with less; dealers continue to be faced with streamlining operations without sacrificing profits and customer satisfaction. 

In this session, you will learn how to improve inventory management – sell more cars faster for more gross profit - by:

  • Defining your market and the market around you
  • Identifying the right vehicles to stock – those with fast turn and higher gross
  • Sourcing vehicles based on ROI
  • Formulating strong aging/pricing strategies
  • Developing future plans by measuring results

Doug Hadden is senior manager of Inventory Solutions, DealerTrack AAX. Hadden helps dealerships and large dealer groups to sell more vehicles, faster, with higher gross profits. He has held multiple positions including national accounts manager, responsible for managing relationships with some of the largest publicly held automotive retailers in the country.

Hadden is no stranger to the challenges of automotive retail and wholesale management. He has worked his way through every dealership department, from service writer to finance manager, sales manager and general manager. He understands dealerships and what it takes to make them successful.




Get Real – Finally, Real Chat and Social Media ROI Results from Top Dealers
How Toyota Sunnyvale and other top dealers use chat and social media to sell more cars
It's time to get real. Vendors tell you they have some great new widget to help you use social media sites and chat to make money, but in the end you are often left to figure it out on your own. Tired of being told you need to do a million things online without a clear plan to get real ROI and more customers? Then this session is for you. No more theory, just real examples you can steal that will make your life easier and help you better respond to customers, improve your online reputation and sell more cars.  In this session you will learn directly from one of the top Internet dealers, Adam Simms with Toyota Sunnyvale. Find out exactly how he has uses new online communication channels to get real results. The session will include before and after examples from many top dealers across the country. Cut through the clutter and start getting real return. This session is a must for all dealers.

John Hanger is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Contact At Once! whose live chat software for auto dealers is the industry's most popular and widely deployed.

Adam Simms is partner and general manager of Toyota Sunnyvale, a President's Award winning dealership that is also one of the top 20 dealerships in the nation for Internet sales and in the top 100 Toyota stores for volume nationally.
Simms was vice president of used vehicles for Autonation where he led their national used vehicle initiative and supervised all aspects of the used car operations through a national field force spanning 380 franchises, 280 dealerships and 17 markets with over 20,000 units retailed and 14,000 units wholesaled each month. He was also founder, president and CEO at iMotors-San Francisco, and vice president of variable operations at Hall Auto Group.

Alexi Venneri is COO of Digital Air Strike, a leading automotive marketing services company that specializes in ground-breaking social media programs, reputation management, brand enhancement and digital services that drive traffic and enhance brand awareness for dealerships nationwide. Venneri was most recently president of Auto Media/Blue Flame 6, one of the largest automotive advertising agencies with more than 100 clients nationwide.

Prior to managing agencies, Venneri was vice president of marketing, PR and IR at DealerTrack , the nation's largest online automotive sales and finance platform, publicly traded on NASDAQ (stock symbol: TRAK) and chief marketing officer at Who's Calling, Inc.



Why Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube and Bubba's Tire Depot are Killing Us!
How to utilize social networking, content management, and paid search for fixed operations

Attention GMs and service directors:  It's time to get serious about fixed operations! We all know that over 50% of our actual profit comes from fixed operations. Then why is it that we continue to lag behind in capitalizing on the most cost effective, measureable way to market our service departments?  In this session, Darren Haygood will layout a simple, proven plan that shows you how to utilize content management, paid search and social networking to deliver immediate results! Don't miss this session! Start reclaiming the customers that you're losing to the local garage or quick service shops.

Darren Haygood is national accounts director with Haygood currently works with top dealer groups and agencies across the country on their digital marketing strategy. As a nationally recognized trainer and consultant in the automotive industry, Haygood has over 12 years factory and retail experience, specializing in Internet sales, phone skills training and BDC operations. He has produced highly profitable, consistent results for both large, multi-franchise dealer groups and independently owned stores for the past 10 years.

Haygood takes a dynamic, energetic approach with clients, providing real-world, everyday experience in helping them utilize technology to deliver consistent, profitable results. He understands the challenges of implementing and executing consistent processes, and provides clients specific tools and best practices to deliver improved performance.


waldo video

Differentiation vs. Alignment – The New Digital Marketing Debate
What is more profitable – marketing your dealership's brand or riding your OEM's marketing coattails?

Hear a panel of dealers from GM, VW and Hyundai discuss their experiences in seeking the right balance in their marketing efforts between dealership brand building and OEM advertising alignment. They will share the approaches they have tried and the results they achieved.  You will leave the session with insights and tools to guide you in building an effective digital advertising strategy.

Panel to be moderated by Brent Hillyer , VP of Enterprise Sales at The Cobalt Group. Prior to joining Cobalt earlier this year, Hillyer was the director of marketing and sales operations at Ron Tonkin Auto Group and has served as GM, Retail Marketing, Volkswagen of America, giving him a practical perspective on the interests of both the dealer and the OEM.


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If It's Broke, Fix It!
Business strategy to make certain that more online shoppers find your ads, engage your ads, and respond to your ads, instead of your competition's

Imagine if you and your dealership were around when one of the previous mass media channels first emerged. How would you have adjusted your business strategy to maximize its potential? Though the Internet is still in its infancy, it has already emerged as the dominant media of today. Most dealerships have a search engine optimized web site, use online classifieds and social media, but still follow the same business practices that were implemented 10 years ago when they got their first web site. Make no mistake, you are no longer just shooting some photos and sending vehicle data to the web, you are creating the content for what are potentially the most important ads that your dealership has.  This session will teach you how to enhance your business strategy to make certain that more online shoppers find your ads , engage your ads , and respond to your ads, instead of your competitors'. 

Timmy D. James is a leading automotive digital marketing expert and a well-respected industry trainer. As director of sales with HomeNet, Inc., James leads the rapidly-growing automotive Internet marketing provider's direct-to-dealer marketing, sales, and product initiatives. James and his team have helped thousands of dealers increase sales by implementing proven Internet marketing 'best practices' that are consistently employed by top e-dealers. HomeNet has emerged as the market leader for Internet marketing and data acquisition/aggregation, currently helping more than 15,000 dealers get more leads from their web site and online classifieds with the powerful Inventory Online (IOL) Vehicle Marketing Suite.


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The Mobile Marketplace
Selling to the on-the-go shoppers

As usage of portable Internet-enabled devices accelerates, car buyers increasingly use them to research their next purchase. From reading vehicle reviews to searching local inventories and locating nearby dealers, they can quickly get the information they need to make an informed decision. This workshop reviews how dealers can leverage mobile technology and the sites/applications these shoppers trust to merchandise their listings and close more deals.

Dealers attending this session will learn how to:

  • Optimize their web site for today's popular portable devices.
  • Stay current with evolving mobile Internet technology and understand when/how to implement new capabilities.
  • Adapt their sales process to keep pace with changing shopping behavior.
  • Tailor their advertising message to appeal to on-the-go shoppers.

Sharon Knitter is the senior director of consumer products for She joined the company in 2006 as the director of product management. In addition to the strategic management and development of's consumer automotive buying and selling channels on the web, Knitter has led the site's mobile initiative, working to bring the best of to shoppers on the go. The co-chairman of the IAB Mobile committee and a past president of the Newspaper Association of America's Research Federation, Knitter joined from the Tribune Co. During her tenure, Knitter held a variety of strategic positions including the director of recruitment strategy for Tribune Publishing and manager of advertising development.



Don't Back Yourself into a Corner
Communicating with online trade-in customers

Many online leads include a trade, and the way you handle these customers will influence sales results. Your goal with new leads is to set dealership appointments. If you say the wrong thing on the phone, via chat or in an e-mail conversation, then you've lost your chance. 

Join Rob Lange to discuss how to immediately diffuse trade-in value allowance pressure in e-mails, on the phone and at the dealership to gain customer confidence and drive dealership appointments. Establish credibility in your communications to avoid pushing customers away or backing yourself into a corner. Now, more than ever, you need quality trade-ins. Don't lose another sale or quality trade; prepare yourself to get both with this session.

Rob Lange is the national sales training director for Kelley Blue Book. His responsibilities include providing educational materials to dealers to enhance their sales processes using Kelley Blue Book values and services, and conducting regional dealer meetings to educate dealerships on the power of the Kelley Blue Book brand. Lange develops "best practices" documents for dealerships, contributes monthly articles to industry publications and regularly speaks at related conferences.Lange has conducted more than 350 webinars for more than 5,000 attendees.



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How to Develop an Effective Digital Strategy with your Current CRM Efforts for 2011 and Beyond
Effectively utilizing today's technologies

This session will address how to effectively utilize today's technologies with an emphasis on video to provide measurable results to maximize your CRM efforts. There are three things that you will take with you when you walk away from this session:

  • Solid digital strategy from process to execution
  • When and how to apply the right technology to prospect and customer touch points
  • Some best practices in using videos throughout your prospect and customer life cycles

Bill Leek is national director of Sales, Autobase, Inc. He has over 22 years experience in the automotive industry, 14 spent in the dealership retail setting in sales and sales management positions. Leek has extensive automotive industry knowledge combined with a deep understanding of today's current technologies, which makes for the unique set of strengths necessary to maximize results for the dealers with whom he consults. His management experience in the automotive CRM and DMS industry includes ADP and Newgen Results. He attended Ohio State University and Columbus College of Art and Design and served in the US Military.

Shaun Kniffin is Director of Internet Sales and eBusiness Development for the Columbus region of Germain Motor Company. With more than 10 years experience with Internet initiatives, he has developed a BDC Call Center that responds to all Internet inquiries, Service scheduling, Live Chat and incoming Internet phone calls. In the last five years, Germain has increased internet business to nearly 40% of all sales through managing all aspects of the dealer CRM, telephony and eBusiness strategy.



Increasing Sales Through Database Mining and Equity-based Marketing
A practical, hands-on session on how dealerships should mine their customer database to drive qualified traffic and increase customer retention, sales, and market share.

Every dealer knows their customer database is their most valuable asset, but most do not know how to leverage it.  In this session, we will show how to mine your database efficiently, resulting in 10-30 incremental sales each month. We will discuss how to combine your inventory needs (which models you need to sell, which you need as trades) with your manufacturer's incentives to develop an appropriate campaign, and then determine the precise customer list for that campaign. We will show how to separate your database by transaction type (finance vs. cash vs. lease vs. service-only customers) and treat each differently.  We will also cover how to determine the equity your customers have in their current vehicle to determine which of them are likely in market and able to purchase a new vehicle keeping their payment the same or lower with no money down (how many times have you heard a customer say, "I'll buy it if I can keep my payment the same!").

Allen Levenson heads Sales & Marketing for Prospect Vision, a nine-year old company that helps hundreds of dealerships mine their customer database, drive sales and customer retention and whose clients include Autonation, Penske, Asbury, and many others. Prior to Prospect Vision, Levenson spent eight years as VP, Sales & Marketing of Asbury Automotive Group, a publicly-traded dealer group with over 120 franchises. Previously, he was founder of a leading business-to-consumer e-commerce site and a consultant with McKinsey and Bain & Company.



Vehicle History Affects Value – Justify your Pricing and Hold More Gross
Learn how you can buy your cars at the right price, advertise them right and sell them for more gross using vehicle history

This session will examine provide a "how-to" for retailing the right cars at the right price for your dealership. Dealers and consumers have valued cars differently based on history for years and retail prices show this. Learn in this session how you can use history to justify your pricing and hold more gross at retail, in the dealership and online, for your inventory. 

You can build consumer confidence in your cars online and on the lot by utilizing the information that customers want to know about. Vehicle history can help you hold your asking price and get your customers to say "yes" faster. Learn more in this educational session.

Jay Luna is the process improvement manager for CARFAX, has 18-plus years of automotive industry experience and has worked with hundreds of dealerships nationwide. His career has spanned all facets of the car business and he is a highly motivated professional with a record of outstanding results in highly competitive markets. He's worked in dealerships sales, management, marketing and e-commerce. Luna has spent the last five years at CARFAX delivering extensive process improvement seminars to help dealerships leverage the CARFAX brand and data through best practices that positively affect a dealerships sales process.



Internet Sales Best Practices
Learn how to create an efficient lead handling process that covers structure, staff and technology

Increasing close rates requires a clear organizational plan that defines structure, staffing and technology that cost-effectively accomplishes the objective. The strength of any good sales staff will always be its people. Technology supports the structure of your sales team, freeing the team to do what you hired it to do: sell cars.  Technology is the foundation of your Internet sales best practices. 

Learn how to create an efficient lead handling process that covers structure, staff and technology. Harness technology to free up your sales reps to sell cars.  Master the 10-minute e-mail quote and follow-up phone call.  Gain insight into who should make the critical first call and how to efficiently handle phone, e-mail and voicemail contacts. Find out if you need an outsourced BDC, receptionist, Internet sales assistant, or in-house BDC to make that first call. Staff appropriately and build a great sales process around technology to consistently achieve high close rates. 

Tom Mohr , CEO of ResponseLogix, has worked closely with auto dealers for 25 years.  ResponseLogix helps dealers solve the top three challenges facing their Internet sales departments: the speed and quality of the initial response to Internet leads, the impact and consistency of ongoing follow-up, and the effectiveness of the Internet team's live communication with the customer.

Prior to ResponseLogix, Mohr was president of Knight Ridder Digital, where he was on the board of  Prior to that, he was Knight Ridder corporate director for Classifieds, where he oversaw $800M in revenue responsibility including $200M in automotive advertising revenue.  


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Cell Phones – the Most Useful Car Buying Tool for Consumers Since the Internet
Create a new marketing channel for your dealership

Consider this...there are four times the number of cell phones in the world versus computers. Over 130 billion text messages are sent every month, up from nothing in 2000 and Generation Y (age 18-29) say that their cell phone is the most important device they own today. Knowing these facts, how can your dealership not have a mobile marketing strategy? In this session we will explore the mobile marketing avenue and you will be shown how your dealership can leverage mobile marketing in your current advertising mix for pennies on the dollar. Additionally, in this session you will learn how to create a mobile engagement, how to track traditional ad spend through mobile and build on the information you receive to then market to your consumers on their cell phones.

Josh Muller has nine years of experience working with auto dealers to develop effective, revenue-generating web solutions. As product planning manager for Reynolds Web Solutions, Muller focuses on aligning the core capabilities of Reynolds' WebMakerX solution, including design, usability, and accompanying services with dealer needs, helping improve dealers' business results.

New Ideas on Measuring Performance and Tracking ROI in New Revenue Opportunities from Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management
How to overcome social media gurus that respond to ROI questions by dancing around objective measurement criteria and ROI analysis of social media marketing and reputation management initiatives

In this session Ralph Paglia debunks many of the commonly cited fallacies surrounding social media by showing participants how to apply innovative new measurement and tracking tools that can eliminate mysteries surrounding exciting new revenue opportunities and cost efficiencies provided by leveraging social media marketing and Internet reputation management. A never-ending supply of new social media apps empower the consumer onslaught from user generated content (UGC) sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, DealerRater and hundreds of others. Yet there has been very little clarity in supplying dealers with apps or tools that accurately track and measure results from various spins on social media made during each new pitch for the dealer's dollars. Much like the 18th century question, "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" many social media pundits have "danced" around dealer inquiries concerning ROI measurement or analysis.

In this session you will learn what to measure, where to track these new metrics and how to assess performance measurements of social media campaigns, programs and the processes that make them effective. Learn how to demystify social media marketing campaign efficiencies and get a clear picture of your dealership's reputation management effectiveness. You will leave this session with a greater understanding of ROI from social media marketing and reputation management investments.

Ralph Paglia is national director, Digital Marketing Solutions at ADP Dealer Services. He has built strategic alliances for ADP with Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Yelp, KBB, Specific Media, Jumpstart, DealerRater, Ning, DoubleClick and others. Paglia has over 20 years of automotive experience including dealership management positions and as a consultant to over 100 dealers and many car companies. At Courtesy Chevrolet (Phoenix), his Internet and BDC teams generated over 4,000 of the dealership's 9,000-plus annual vehicle sales. Paglia has led development of dealer focused OEM dgital marketing and Internet sales programs for Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and others. In 2007-2009 he worked with Ford marketing executives to create the Ford Digital Advertising Program for Dealers, and Ford's Digital Marketing Consulting team. He created ADP's Social Media Reputation Management program for dealers in 2009 and launched "ADP SkySong Social Media Operations Center" in May 2010 at the SkySong Center for Technology, Innovation and Imagination operated by Arizona State University (ASU).


Special Finance and the Internet – It's Over 50% of the Market!
Learn the lenders, inventory, marketing, and sales process your store needs to deliver and fund these prospects

The special finance market continues to grow and become a much broader spectrum of the general population as a result of the recession. The good news is in 2010 lenders have come back into the market and are again buying these loans in large numbers. What is the point of spending a lot of money and effort on acquiring Internet prospects and getting them in your store, only to lose 50% of them right away because you lack the expertise in special finance to capitalize on this opportunity?

This workshop will provide a good overview of the market, and then specific lenders you need to get signed up with; specific examples of inventory you need to acquire; inexpensive and effective marketing techniques; and a blended sales process to tie everything together so your store can sell, deliver and fund the "other" 50% of the Internet ups you are working so hard and spending so much money to get in your store!

John Palmer is the president/CEO of Dealer Marketing Services, Inc. Palmer has worked as a finance manager, GSM and GM in the Chicago and Quad City area dealerships where he saw a need for a special finance software application.

In 1994 he introduced ProMax, a special finance software product and in 2002 he introduced ProMax Online, the first web-based, full front-end software solution. In 2010 he introduced ProMax Unlimited, a full, front-end software that includes ILM, CRM, compliance, a consumer credit pre-screen service called InstantScreen and much more.



How to Protect your Online Inventory for the Cars You Sell
Car dealers are under attack!

Car dealer web sites are under attack! Brian Pasch will lead a seminar on how to protect your inventory from people who might otherwise leverage it for their own benefit, and push you off Google page one. He will teach you how to defend yourself, evaluate all advertising models for your inventory online and how to protect your cars from your competitors

Brian Pasch is a 20-year veteran of the direct marketing industry. His career has spanned both management and technology roles. He is known for his expertise in consumer data warehousing models, as well as search engine optimization.

Pasch foresaw the redistribution of traditional print media budgets to Internet advertising and in 2005 created the PCG Digital Marketing. PCG's fast growth has been attributed to their innovative digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies.


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New Economy, New Rules: Increase your Profits by Selling to the #1 Consumer – Women!
How to tap into this new market, the seven rules of engagement and new referral strategies

To acquire and retain female customers, you will need to know how to communicate most effectively with them and understand their decision-making processes. Discover the secret formula to selling to women and you will hit a gold mine.  Women account for $3.7 trillion in spending and influence over 85% of all purchases. Whether she makes the money in the household or not is not relevant considering she spends it! She controls the wealth in this country and will continue to increase her high net worth at a considerable rate in the next several years.

In short she is a gold mine and we're seeing more and more companies and industries interested in becoming miners. More women have disposable incomes and 25% of women have higher incomes than their husbands. She's an incredible consumer and keep in mind that she's smart, savvy and educated and has many choices as to where she can buy a product or service. Smart salespeople will recognize big rewards for going after her business. You will learn the dynamics of the women consumer…the changing demographics and psychographics of women consumers and why we need to customize our message to women. The successful salesperson in the new millennium will have mastered the one-to-one selling technique. What does that mean? It means customizing the sales experiences to fit the needs and expectation of the prospect. It means providing the best sales experience for the individual and respecting gender differences throughout the sales experiences whether you are working with a woman individually or as a couple.

Delia Passi is CEO of Medelia Inc. She is the nation's leading authority on selling to women and the nation's leading woman consumer advocate as seen on most major networks, as well a regular on Fox Business Network and Lifetime's morning show The Balancing Act. Her expertise centers on how women shop and buy, what motivates them to select one provider over another, and how sales and service professionals can provide the best experience to women so that they choose to do business with them. Passi advises her corporate clients on how to better understand their female customers, and supports them in becoming the very best when it comes to increasing sales, improving customer service, and retaining the loyalty of these hard-earned consumers.

As a consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies, Passi has experienced great success in creating unique programs that have measurably increased their brand visibility, strengthened product positioning, created greater credibility, and delivered a larger percentage of coveted female customers. Client companies have included Harley-Davidson, Microsoft, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Toyota, Trek Bikes, Wells Fargo, UPS, Xerox, Office Depot, HP, Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise, TD Ameritrade, Omnicom, Carlson Companies, Mass Mutual and UBS. Passi is also the author of Winning the Toughest Customer, The Essential Guide to Selling to Women (Kaplan, 2006)


Increase Service ROI and Retention through Social Media, CRM and Reputation Management
How to ensure you have the right tools to prepare for the Web 2.0 customers

We all know what Web 2.0 is, but do we know what Service 2.0 is? Are you making the most of each and every service customer by using the right tool at the right time? DealerSocket CTO Brad Perry will focus on how to tie social media, reputation management and CRM together to increase service revenue, increase repeat service customer visits and maintain high CSI scores. Don't miss this information-packed session!

Topics covered include:

  • Review which tool to use when, and how, to get the most out of every service opportunity
  • Quality customer support is now PR – you can't sell something to someone who is mad – how are you ensuring great CSI in your service department?
  • What are you doing to ensure your service customer is a "fan"?
  • Understand that social conversations have value to all departments 
  • The social customer demands authenticity and genuine and direct communication. How do you get there? 
  • Are you still doing "look at me!" marketing instead of focusing on creating a dialogue with the customer?

Brad Perry



Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse
New marketing platforms and emerging business practices for today's dealerships

Technology, the economy, and society are all changing at breakneck speeds, and your dealership must keep pace to stay competitive and relevant.  This session will reveal emerging business practices and new marketing platforms that today's consumers have to come to expect. On the marketing and technology front, new platforms like social media, video, live chat and mobile can help your dealership keep car shoppers actively engaged, ultimately turning them into actual buyers. Likewise, innovations and strategies in business transparency and sourcing shopper traffic, for example, can help dealerships become more effective and efficient. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how your dealership can leverage these latest trends and platforms.

Howard Polirer brings more than 15 years of experience as a dynamic automotive sales educator to dealer audiences across the nation. As one of the nation's premier automotive educators, he has taught thousands of dealers about effective online innovation and Internet advertising at hundreds of conferences for national, state and local dealer associations.

Previously, Polirer owned his own automotive sales training and consulting company and also served as executive vice president of an automotive training company serving automotive clients, OEMs and associations. With over 30 years of experience in the retail automotive business, he has extensive dealership expertise, having grown from a salesman at a Toyota dealership to sales manager and then to general manager for a Volkswagen, Subaru and Chevrolet dealership.


Documentation is the New Negotiation
Improve closing ratios and gross profits by replacing negotiation with compelling and credible documentation

One of the greatest challenges that has occurred in the used vehicle industry is the recognition that a vehicle needs to be priced to sell rather than to negotiate. As dealers have come to this enlightened recognition, they have experienced a great deal of difficulty managing profitability. This session will examine the rules of proper pricing and the corresponding implication for the selling process. Dale Pollak, a noted used car authority, speaker and best selling author, will demonstrate how using documentation in place of negotiation in today's Internet-driven used car environment will reduce the amount of discount in the showroom to drive bottom line results.

Dale Pollak , vAuto's founder and chairman, has 13 years of dealer leadership experience and is a highly sought-after best-selling author and recognized speaker on maximizing dealership profits from pre-owned vehicle operations.

Pollak educates, challenges and motivates his audience, working extensively with dealer 20 groups, dealer associations and large dealer enterprises across the country.

Pollak received his B.S. in Business Administration from Indiana University and is a graduate of the General Motors Institute of Automotive Development. He also holds a law degree from DePaul University's College of Law, and is a four-time winner of the American Jurisprudence Award.



Lessons from the Best of Silicon Valley
Learn the secrets of the best in tech for winning today's Internet empowered consumer

Over the past two years, INCISENT Labs has been researching and analyzing cutting-edge practices and behaviors from other industries, including Silicon Valley to better understand the most successful strategies to engage today's Internet consumer. This session will take the key learnings from our research to illustrate how your dealership can use the power of the Internet to level the playing field with Internet empowered consumers. These proven techniques for Internet advertising, marketing and selling will enable you to win more consumers online, sell more cars more profitably and generate greater customer satisfaction.

Pat Ryan Jr. is the CEO of First Look, the pioneer in inventory management, marketing and sales solutions for the automotive market. Ryan's pioneering work in consumer optimization has made him widely recognized as an industry thought-leader and speaker, as well as a regular columnist for major automotive publications. Ryan is instrumental in helping top dealer groups like Penske and Hendrick develop and continuously improve winning pre-owned and Internet operations.  He holds a masters in Business Administration from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, a juris doctor cum laude from Northwestern Law School and a bachelor of arts degree from Georgetown University. 



The Digital Presence Revolution
What it is, why it's important and how to take control of it

Say goodbye to traditional web sites and SEO and say hello to new tools that change the game. In this mind blowing session you will learn what digital presence is and its relation to your web site, SEO, online reputation and overall Internet existence. Along with a strong understanding of digital presence, you'll see brand new technology that provides dealers with a dynamic web presence, SEO, social media marketing, reputation management, reporting and consultation – all from a single platform. If you're looking for what's new, you can't afford to miss this session.  

Shaun Raines is the director of Automotive at ReachLocal and the founder of Dealer Advisor LLC. Always a top rated speaker at Digital Dealer Conferences and industry events, Raines delivers relevant presentations with a unique mixture of knowledge, conviction and humor. With 20 years of automotive experience covering sales, parts, service and all things Internet, he has worked with teams that launched and supported ground-breaking services such as (Microsoft), CarsDirect Connect and Yahoo! Autos.



The Evolution of Business Development : The Hybrid BDC
Enhance your "playbook" to clearly outline your team's improved process, preparing everyone with today's most effective tools and techniques

Success favors the prepared mind! A hybrid BDC can increase net profit with business development representatives and Internet sales specialists as a hybrid car does with gas and electricity. Different forms of power for maximum efficiency! Tools such as live chat, digital cameras and mobile devices can be used to exceed a 25% increase in web site lead conversion and social networking growth. Proven techniques and skill sets will double your conversations (avoid getting an excuse when getting through), appointments and call backs by leaving unique messages. How to move beyond the "low hanging fruit" and ensure that every customer receives accountable and effective follow-up.

Glynn Rodean is president and CEO of New Vision Sales Inc. Rodean teaches a methodology of sales, management and business development from years of experience that produced record setting volume and profit.   As a sales professional, Glynn exceeded 50 cars a month, installed his first BDC in 1998 and achieved over a million dollars in monthly variable gross. Glynn speaks at seminars, workshops and consults with dealers across North America. The NVS Call Center is an extension of Glynn's experience. He has trained thousands of people, written numerous articles, customizes sales playbooks and is the author of "Own the Phone!" 


The Significance of Search Engines in the Auto Industry
How search engines have radically changed the car buying process and where the future of automotive search is heading

With some research indicating nearly 90% of consumers utilize a search engine as a key part of the buying process, fundamentally understanding how shoppers use search engines is mission critical to a dealership's success. Industry leaders Google and Moore & Scarry Advertising show you how search engines are radically changing the car buying process and how you can maximize your search results.

  1. Get a sneak peak under the hood of the world's leading search engines
  2. See tools that will help you measure your search performance
  3. Learn how search engines are changing the way people shop for cars
  4. Get breaking industry news about the merging of Microsoft and Yahoo search
  5. Learn how to most effectively combine advertising and technology to maximize results

Duncan Scarry is owner and president of Moore & Scarry Advertising. He is a nationally recognized authority on automotive retail marketing.  With over 15 years of successful offline and online advertising experience, Scarry offers dealers and manufacturers insight into the most effective, progressive automotive marketing methods. Scarry leads one of the fastest growing automotive advertising agencies in the country, serving the nation's top dealerships and dealership groups. A widely sought after presenter and advisor, he has spoken at Toyota Motor Sales eRoundtables, Automotive News Webinars and Digital Dealer Conferences. His passion is strategically combining the strengths of traditional and new media to increase automotive retail sales.  



Internet Management
Successful general managers share their secrets

With online initiatives increasingly driving the bottom line, dealerships across the country are making the transition from silo'd Internet departments to integrated Internet stores. Forward-looking dealers/operators and general managers lead the charge, taking greater day-to-day oversight of their online operations to ensure that processes are consistently implemented and that customers receive quality care – whether in sales, F&I or accessories, parts and service. This workshop examines the strategies successful GMs develop and the tactics they implement to build an Internet culture, take online sales to the next level and boost profitability.

Jack Simmons is a dealer training manager at Prior to joining, Simmons served as the vice president of automotive solutions for WorldNow, where he was the primary architect behind the company's automotive vertical. Simmons also has served as a national dealer trainer for, where he managed and developed training programs for dealers, manufacturers and state automotive associations.

Simmons has more than 25 years of automotive industry experience and has trained 96,000 automotive professionals during his career. He has spoken before NADA Dealer 20 Groups and has served as a workshop presenter at numerous industry events, including NADA, NIADA and national BHPH conferences. He also served for two years as a consultant for GM of Canada.


Insider's Guide to Live Chat
From technology to conversion

How to make chat work for your dealership. Learn best practice techniques that will convert more shoppers into leads and more leads into sales with a proven step by step process.

Todd Smith is co-founder and president of ActivEngage, Inc., the automotive industry's leading live chat service provider. He has over 18 years of successful industry experience and has worked in every facet of dealership operations, including spending 2007 as the general manager of a Chevrolet dealership. Smith has developed some of the most cutting edge eBusiness, BDC and showroom sales strategies and solutions for a variety of clients including Ford, Ford of Canada, AutoNation, Budget Car Sales, Maritz Inc., Mazda North America, Toyota Motors Sales, ADP, and over 1,500 dealerships across the U.S.

You Can't Close a Click
Creating an integrated digital marketing strategy that will deliver real results in the form of inbound phone calls and high-quality e-mail leads.

In this presentation, Troy Smith will discuss the evolution of digital marketing and how changes in both technology and customer behavior have transformed marketing in the automotive industry. Troy will review how a successfully integrated marketing plan can enable dealers to drive leads into sales and convert visitors into customers with measureable ROI and real results.
Troy will review best practices in an integrated marketing strategy, from fine tuning organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search (PPC), to optimizing websites and mobile sites.  He will also discuss how to utilize social networking to increase brand awareness, strengthen customer retention, and capture market share.  Learn how an integrated digital marketing plan can help generate inbound traffic to your website, and ultimately your dealership.

Troy Smith is president and founder of Search Optics Inc., a digital marketing agency specializing in the automotive industry. Working with automotive groups, Smith recognized the need for a company that could bring Internet car buyers directly to dealer sites – bypassing lead providers and creating the highest quality leads. He is responsible for driving business strategy and technology innovation for the company and its clients. Prior to founding Search Optics, he worked with a number of different web start-up companies and has a diverse background in technology, sales and marketing.

waldo video

Dealers are Selling 10, 100 and Even 1,000 Vehicles per Month on eBay Motors.  How Do They Do It?
This session will teach you the right way to sell on eBay Motors

This session will teach you the processes and strategies used by the top dealers on eBay Motors.  This isn't going to be a one-hour "hype" class. The goal of the session is to help you develop a plan to deliver consistent monthly sales on eBay Motors. 

We are going to focus on five keys areas of success when selling on eBay Motors. 

  1. Create listings that maximize bids and phone calls
  2. Build a "virtual test drive" with your descriptions
  3. Develop a pricing strategy
  4. Get your vehicles found on eBay and outside search engines
  5. Interact with eBay buyers

Clayton Stanfieldes teach this class across the country and regularly sits in dealerships and helps them list cars. From this experience he will bring you plenty of real life examples and ideas you can put into practice immediately to help you reach your goals. 

Clayton Stanfield is the manager of Dealer Training for eBay Motors. He oversees all training and industry outreach programs for eBay Motors.This includes speaking at industry events, running eBay Motors University and management of eBay's Internet Sales Manager training program. Prior to his experience at eBay Motors, he worked for five years as a consultant in the auto industry building and training Internet departments and business development centers.  It was during his college years that he first entered the industry selling cars for a dealership in Sacramento, California.  He later graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business from Pepperdine University. 



Stauning's Automotive Continuum of E-commerce Success (2011 Edition)
New ideas for how to get on track and stay on track for greater profits in 2011

In this session, Steve Stauning spotlights the 2011 edition of his renowned ACES chart – the continuum he developed in 2009 that has since helped literally hundreds of dealerships focus their Internet sales and marketing efforts on those activities and products that drive the greatest return. Once you understand how the 2011 Automotive Continuum of E-commerce Success (ACES) can be applied in your store, you will never again struggle with the "who, what, why, when, or how" around delivering exceptional Internet sales growth and profits.

No matter what is holding your Internet sales team back – low closing percentages, turnover problems, low-priced competition, high costs per sale – following Stauning's ACES chart to the letter will help you develop into a truly superior Internet dealership.

Stephen M. Stauning is one of the most popular and respected speakers and writers in the industry, and is the co-founder of Kain-Stauning, a leading automotive dealership training and consulting services firm focusing on digital marketing and Internet sales. Prior to his work with Kain-Stauning, he has served in various leadership roles, including as the Asbury Automotive Group's ) director of e-commerce, the director of the Web Solutions division of the Reynolds & Reynolds Company, and as general manager for Dealer Web Services at Dealer Specialties.

waldo video

Creating a Video Strategy to Drive New Efficiencies and Performance 
Driving sales and service efficiencies in the virtual space

With the explosive growth of video, what are the tested new concepts that are producing results?  How can video drive sales and performance in your service department? As it becomes more critical to operate in the virtual sales space, how can a dealer leverage video to drive performance in sales and service? 

If you are attending the conference, you are most likely involved with used car video walkarounds. This is just the starting point. Video reach equals gross income. Phil Sura has been helping dealers develop video strategies for over six years. In this session you will learn who to:


  • Drive organic search results by linking video content to a YouTube channel with effective tagging techniques
  • The impact of YouTube
  • Additional videos that you must have to drive web site conversion and separate your operation from the masses
  • Introduce video to the service team
  • Leverage video with e-mail campaigns
  • Add virtual test drives with your CRM responses
  • Add video to the social sites including sales staff bios
  • Realistic metrics to focus on including views per video, impact on time on site, impact of adding video on the third party sites and impact on web conversion numbers
  • Integration of video with mobile applications
  • Phil Sura is a VP with UnityWorks Media, a leader in the retail automotive web video space. Sura personally works with some of the most successful automotive names in the country, including Mile One, Pohanka, Germain, Serra, Mike Sage (Universal City Nissan), and Galpin. He was previously a general manager for a top 100 Ford dealership and he spent 13 years with the Resource Automotive Group (Pat Ryan and Associates). Sura has been a regular contributor to Digital Dealer magazine for the past three years and he received recognition as a top presenter at previous Digital Dealer conferences.  



    The Three Toughest Decisions Dealers Face Today
    When your people and your technology work together, the sky is the limit! When you follow the common sense guidelines and step-by-step process outlined in this workshop, you will definitely sell more cars, have more fun and make more money!

    The worst is over; you've slashed expenses and stabilized your dealership. And if you're like most dealers, you're making money off of a much lower sales volume and you're here at the Digital Dealer conference to get new solutions to get you on track.
    If you're ready to increase your volume and start growing again, you have to start by managing your people and getting them to better utilize the resources and technology you have available in today's new environment.

    In this workshop, we'll cover:

    • The critical areas of basic 'Business 101' that you have to implement first
    • The key job responsibilities the dealer, your managers and salespeople have to focus on every day to grow in today's market
    • The five steps you have to take right now to fully recover, so you can start growing again

    Attend this session and you'll see how you can still make 2010 one of your best years ever!

    Joe Verde started selling cars in 1973 and in 1985 became president of Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. He has not only weathered every storm in our business for the last 35 years, he's grown each year. Nothing is more important than having someone with the personal experience and successful track record to guide you through recovery and growth and Verde has both. His book "A Dealer's Guide to Recovery and Growth" has been an overwhelming success for dealers today. Verde has the knowledge and experience, and will teach you how to survive, recover and grow each year.


    waldo video

    Ideas that Every Dealership Group Needs
    Leveraging dealer group technology to maximize efficiency and profitability

    Sharing ideas, old and new, to help dealer groups leverage technology to maximize efficiency and profitability.

    Attendees will learn about functionality that every dealership group needs from their:

    • DMS
    • CRM
    • Web sites
    • Inventory management
    • Other technology investments

    Matt Watson earned a bachelor's degree from DeVry University in Computer Information Systems and is a MicroSoft Certified Application Developer. With 10 years of automotive experience and web application development experience, Watson is the lead architect of VinSolutions' applications. Prior to coming to VinSolutions, he was the lead architect of a large healthcare project. He we also the lead developer for Ticket Technology Solutions, a provider of inventory tracking, web sites, and CRM for ticket brokers. He is a member of the VinSolutions, LLC board of directors.





    Creation vs. Evolution
    The two ways e-dealerships come into existence – a debate of biblical proportions

    And on the seventh day, he rested. Unless he worked in a car dealership… in which case he answered leads from home on Sunday.

    Two belief systems live and breathe in our dealerships. Some believe in Evolution.  Simply sell vehicles online and over time you will inevitably evolve into an e-dealer. Others, though, believe e-dealerships must be driven into creation by a higher power. They require their staff to adapt to the changes. Which ideology is the better means to the same end goal? This topic will be discussed in a rousing, logical, passionate debate by two scholars of e-commerce, Joe Webb and Bill Playford. In this session, dealers will learn how to utilize technology, training, people and department structure to bring about an e-dealer culture into their showrooms.  The time is now to determine what path you will take to the promise land: creation or evolution.

    Angela Martin is the Internet director for Feldmann Imports in Bloomington, Minnesota. After 10 years having success using the best online technology to move Nissan and Mercedes-Benz units off the lot, she says she wouldn't change a thing about her career path. Martin is constantly experimenting with new technology and making sure her Internet department stays ahead of the competition. Her department's online sales now account for over 30 percent of the dealership's business; and that number is consistently growing. Her team has been close to reaching 100 units from the four-person department for the last few months and she attributes their success to the digital advertising efforts of Feldmann Imports and Feldmann Nissan.

    Joe Webb is the president of DealerKnows Consulting, an automotive Internet sales training firm specializing in assisting dealers with the advancement of their online efforts through both on-site and virtual consulting. Webb has been called "the funniest guy in the car business" and consults nationwide, showing dealerships success by instilling proven Internet marketing practices. He has been writing for Digital Dealer magazine almost since its inception and is a regular top-rated speaker at the Digital Dealer conferences. In the past, Webb found success in the trenches when he created and managed an award-winning business development center for a Chicago dealer group. His primary goal, as he always states, is "to better the culture of car sales".

    Bill Playford
     is vice president of DealerKnows Consulting, an automotive Internet sales training firm specializing in assisting dealers with the advancement of their online efforts through hands-on, on-site, and virtual consulting. Playford brings a unique mix of dot com imagination, MBA strategy, and dealer practicality as he focuses on the Virtual Dealer Training program. Before joining DealerKnows, he served as director of retail operations for Trilogy's SmartLeads program, and honed his skills at one of the first true Internet dealers. A long-time e-commerce evangelist, he seeks to help bridge the gap between technology and dealer culture. 



    The Value Proposition
    How to magnetize customers and become the dealer of choice

    In this workshop you will learn how to use your value proposition and customer centric processes and word tracks to create a compelling reason for your online and phone shoppers to stop shopping and give you an opportunity to earn their business. We will use the primary components of a value proposition and the attributes of dealer selection to map a simple and easily executed game plan you can take back to the dealership and implement right away.

    Greg Wells has spent the last 22 years working in automotive retail with specific expertise in business development centers and Internet sales. His work has been recognized nationally by NADA and his in-dealership sales training experience has launched many successful selling careers for his students. Wells is a partner at Kain Automotive, a three-time Diamond Award Winner as Best Internet Training by Auto Dealer Monthly. With an innate ability to diagnose operational opportunities, he can then teach the strategies and tactics necessary to help clients grow their business. Wells has built BDCs from scratch and knows what it takes to recruit the right team and meld them into a cohesive unit. He has extensive knowledge in call mapping and customized scripting, as well as ongoing database growth and marketing.


    The 10 Keys to Protecting and Promoting your Dealership's Positive Reputation Online

    What do people see when they look up your dealership's name on the Internet? Or, what do they see when they look up your name on the Internet? If you want to make sure that they find positive information about you and your dealership, you will need a proactive reputation management strategy and process to protect and promote your positive reputation online.

    This workshop will reveal the 10 steps to protecting and promoting your positive reputation online and will highlight real-world case studies of dealerships that have used the power of the Internet, search engines, social media networks and blogs to build and promote their positive reputation and brand.

    Participants will learn how to:

    1. Assess your current online reputation and analyze their reputation risks that could cost you business.
    2. Define a step-by-step plan to improve and promote your positive reputation online.
    3. Make sure people find positive information about you and your dealership when they look for you on major search engines.
    4. Dominate Google page one results for your name and your dealership's name.
    5. Improve your consumer review ranking by increasing the number of positive reviews your dealership gets so shoppers choose your dealership over your competition.
    6. Inspire and equip your customers to share positive information about your dealership with their social networks on Facebook, Twitter and others.
    7. Use local publicity through TV, radio and newspapers to promote you and your dealership online long after the story expires.
    8. Create and distribute press releases that generate publicity and improve your online reputation and search results.
    9. Monitor your online reputation so you know whenever anything becomes visible on the Internet about your dealership.
    10. Respond and correct issues that cause negative reviews and turn them into positive stories about your dealership's customer service

    Case studies will be provided along with a step-by-step reputation assessment tool and a reputation management action plan you can customize for your dealership.

    Sean Wolfington , chairman and CEO of The Wolfington Companies, is a financier and entrepreneur in the marketing, technology, real estate and film industries. Wolfington currently owns the One Media, a film production company and a group of technology and marketing companies in the automotive industry.



    Appraisal Process 2.0
    Best practices to boost revenue

    A pre-owned department needs to be able to quickly and consistently handle appraisals, so that the dealership profits and the customer experience improves, resulting in more deals and better gross profits. 

    Appraisal Process 2.0 will discuss the increased critical function appraising plays in the profitability of a dealership and how to put market data to use in order to conduct smarter and more accurate appraisals.  Today, there is a myriad of data sources available and it helps to know how to access and interpret the data for maximum benefit. Consumers also have access to an increasing amount of data that they carefully review before coming in. This session will discuss a few key sources that dealers should use, as well as how to identify the needs and opportunities associated with today's informed consumers, especially if they come in with erroneous information on their cars, which is often the case.

    Stu Zalud , director, Dealer Services at NADA Used Car Guide, is a 38-year veteran of the dealership world. At NADA Used Car Guide, he is instrumental in bringing the dealer perspective into play with product development and company communications. Before joining the company, he was chairperson of both the Greater Cleveland and Ohio Automobile Dealers Associations and served on the NADA Board of Directors. As a dealer, Zalud had direct experience with all aspects of operations in three different markets and has weathered many market ups and downs.

    waldo video

    C2C + B2B = B2C Squared: A Social Media Formula that Provides New Revenues, New Efficiencies and Greater Profits!
    Social media is powered by people and this formula combines S.E.O. with W.O.M.O. (word of mouth optimization) to leverage relationships using technologies fueled by human nature

    The market is a conversation that auto dealers must be invited to join. Customer to customer, (C2C), comments combined with business to business, (B2B), cross promotions equals business to customer, (B2C), marketing messages distributed virally to sell more vehicles and service.  The applications introduced in this session integrate best practices powered by human nature to leverage relationships using social media in a cost effective manner with efficiencies in processes and the use of staff to maximize profits and sales. Monetizing social media at an auto dealership can be as simple or as complicated as you make it.  This session will provide a simple formula with proven success that blends old school best practices with new world technology.  After all, what are friends for!      

    Philip Zelinger is the president of Ad Agency Online and founder of a respected auto industry social networking portal – AdAgencyOnline.Net.  His 25-plus years of experience as a general manager and dealer principal are enhanced by his hosting a blog talk radio station – WAAOL, All Automotive Advertising News All The Time – which provides him access to cutting edge advertising technologies before the competition. As the author of two books on the auto industry, including "How to Sell a Car," he is a recognized authority on market trends with the responsibility of selecting key vendors for his dealer clients.

    waldo video

    Something Old; Something New (Two sessions offered in a series)
    Two special sessions for dealer principals, general managers and operating partners

    Is your dealership operating at its optimum potential? There's a lot of theory, techno-babble and conjecture floating around out there disguised as sound business practices. It's difficult to cut through the static buzz of disinformation and determine a clear strategic plan for your dealership's sales and marketing.

    Jim Ziegler presents a crystal clear vision... modern techniques and processes in use in some of the most successful dealerships in the world.

    Everything we've always done didn't just suddenly stop working, and you've got to incorporate Internet, social media marketing, and technology-enabled sales and marketing into processes. You can have great profits per unit while still realizing maximized volume. Don't ever pay vendors to lower your profits. Ziegler shares expertise in both worlds, which few can claim.

    Ziegler's goal is to seamlessly mesh new-age techniques, technologies, and processes with traditional sales and marketing.

    James A. Ziegler , CSP, HSG: For 34 years, Jim Ziegler has been a nationally recognized industry writer, speaker and super performer...a record setting top manager and consultant with some of the premier automobile dealerships in the country. His credentials include:

    • He has worked with 15,000 dealerships nationwide
    • Over 100,000 dealers, managers and executives have attended his seminars
    • He's worked in 1,000 showrooms in 200 cities in 49 states
    • He has been the featured keynote speaker at 66 state automobile dealer association conventions
    • He has rated in top 10 workshop speakers at 14 national NADA Conventions
    • Has served as speaker at two Digital Dealer Conferences, including Keynote
    • National columnist, Dealer magazine

    The New 'Turning Phone Ups Into Sales' – Tales from the Front How can you ensure that more of your phone leads turn into actionable sales opportunities? At this lively and interactive panel you'll get a chance to find out how to improve your show and close rates, and how to set up a winning phone leading handling process in your stores. Hear actual recordings of dealers handling incoming customer calls – the good, the bad and the ugly – and then hear from experts what worked, and what didn't, along with tips for turning dead-end calls into sales opportunities. Back by popular demand, this year's panel will feature lots of fresh content and information – results from 2010 phone lead study, plus all new calls.

    Anna Zornosa , executive vice president and GM, Dealix, will moderate the panel. Industry-leading sales trainer David Kain will be back and joined by Rick Trinkl, vice president of training for Larry H. Miller Automotive Group and Dimitar Alexandrov, director, Used Car Products at Dealix.

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