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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ADP Dealer Community iPhone App and 5 Other New Features

ADP Social Media Reputation Management Dealer Community New Features

John McDonald
VP, Advocacy

Start using these Mini, Plus & Pro features

This is our third big batch of new features since we started offering Mini, Plus, and Pro plans. There's still more on the way, including Facebook sign-in and the ability to charge membership fees.

I'm Ready to Pick a Plan

More Features for Your Ning Network
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Evan Goldin
Product Manager

1. Creator iPhone App Ning Plus Ning Pro

Ning iPhone AppIf you have an iPhone, you're probably going to be very excited about this one: The Network Creator iPhone app has been approved by Apple and is now available for download. It's designed to help you manage your Ning Network, and it's free for all Plus and Pro subscribers. Check out our official announcement.

Download it from iTunes.

Junaid Basir
Product Manager

2. Test Networks Ning Plus Ning Pro

We're pleased to announce that you now have the ability to create a dedicated Test Network for your live Ning Plus or Pro network. It's easy to set up and start testing out new designs, apps, and code before making everything live.

Read all about Test Networks.

Set up your Test Network

From My Network, choose Test Network under the Tools section. Click on Create Test Network to launch your Test Network. That's it!

Phil McCluskey
Product Manager

3. The Ning API Ning Pro

If you've been waiting for us to open up our API, the wait is over. As of last week, Ning Pro subscribers have access to powerful ways to interact with the data on Ning's servers. You can even start creating your own applications, including mobile apps. To get you going, all API requests are free through the end of 2010.

Learn more about the API.

Create a custom iPhone app

Two of our mobile partners are offering special deals for NCs who want to create their own custom apps. AppMakr is footing the bill for the first 3 months of service for the first 25 Network Creators who make their own iPhone app, and Mobile Roadie is offering the first month for free.

Kyle Ford
Director of Partner
Design & Development

4. Skimlinks Ning Plus Ning Pro

Wouldn't it be cool if you could turn product links that exist on your Ning Network into affiliate links, so that you can get paid whenever someone clicks through and purchases something? That's exactly how Skimlinks works.

More about Skimlinks.

How to get started with Skimlinks

1. From My Network, look for Ning Extensions under Tools.
2. Click on Activate next to Skimlinks.
3. Enter a name and email address to create your Skimlinks account.
Phil McCluskey
Product Manager

5. Apps on Profile Pages Ning Plus Ning Pro

If your members love their Profile Apps, now you can give them the option of putting those apps directly on their Profile page. Previously, they existed on a separate page, but now you can choose the option that makes the most sense for your members.

Read about your new choice.

How to change this setting

From your Dashboard, navigate to Members and then Controls. Look for the My Page Permissions, and choose the one you prefer.

Devin Sevilla
Developer Advocate

6. Ning Publisher for Wordpress Ning Pro

If you use Ning in conjunction with Wordpress, we've got a great new plug-in for you. It allows you to mirror content from your public WordPress blog on your Ning Network. Besides letting you publish in two places, it also lets your members easily add comments to both.

Install the plug-in now.

The Rear-View Mirror

A few features we announced earlier this month. Have you explored all of them?

Create standalone landing pages and store files on your network with the File Manager.
Make it easier for your members to keep up with the conversation by turning on Full-Text Email Notifications.
You and your members can submit updates to Ning, Twittter, Facebook, and more all at once using Seesmic Desktop 2.

Ralph Paglia
Director - Digital Marketing Solutions
ADP Dealer Services
cell: 505-301-6369

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