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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Using Social Community in Automotive Marketing and Sales

Social Studies

Welcome! This publication is dedicated to the world of social networking. Whether you use social networking as a business marketing tool, or as a social gathering place for organizations and informal groups, this newsletter's for 

Social Networking for Indirect Marketing

In the old days, the mantra was "Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell" and "don't take no for an answer!" In the world of online commerce, a new method is developing, a method of "Help, Help, Help, Sell" Without any face to face interaction, it is easier than ever to ditch a pushy salesperson. Click. Problem solved.

That's why social networking is becoming such a favorite among marketers everywhere. The proper use of a social network can engage your customers and prospects, help boost your brand, advertise sales and special promotions.

It's a well known fact that people buy with their hearts, only needing logic as a justification for the sale. With the miricle of social networking, you can educate your prospect about your product like never before. Have you tried to entice people to buy in a 30 or 60 second "on-air" advertisement? Good luck.

Involve your prospects and customers in your business. Make your social network a hub that people look forward to visiting. When they're comfortable and engaged, you have earned their trust. And buying from someone you trust loosens those purse strings like nothing else.

So check into starting a social network for your company. This is a medium that's here to stay. It's a cheap, yet extremely effective, marketing tool. Now's the time to get started!

Aid for Haiti and Chile: Social Networking to the Rescue

One of the greatest things about social networking is the ease with wich one can reach out to a large number of like-minded individuals all across the globe. When disaster stuck in Haiti, and then Chile, the ability for people who wanted to help to be able to come together quickly enabled releif efforts to get underway quicker than ever before.

With the power of social networking, anything can be accomplished. Charities can increase their donation levels, business can interact with both their customers and their employees, and social groups can communicate with their members and track activites.

Social Media Usage Up 82% Worldwide

According to the Nielsen Company, people are spending more time than ever on social networking. It averages out to 5 1/2% per month, up from 3 hours just a short while ago.

Businesses, colleges, social groups. Everywhere you look, people are chumming it up with the folks on their network. No doubt the day will soon come when most of the facets of the internet will be taken over by social networks.

Social Networking for Businesses

In today's world, people are inundated by advertising. It's everywhere! On TV, the radio, newspapers, even on the side of the bus you ride to work. According to Yankelovich, a consumer research company, 75% of consumers don't believe that companies tell the truth in their advertisements.

So, how do you reach these doubting Thomases? How can you convince a jaded population that your company is their best choice, that you are trustworthy and have their best interests at heart? Have your own customers tell them in their own words.
When a business provides its customers with a forum to write reviews, ask questions of other customers, or share their experiences with your product, it can create trust in brand like nothing else before. And let's face it, everybody will buy from a company they trust over a company they don't know a lot about.
As you can see, being involved in social networking is the future of marketing. Don't be left behind, get in the social networking scene now, before your competitors leave you eating their dust.



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  1. Well done as always, Ralph!

    DMEautomotive examined a similar topic not long ago on how social media can drive sales to your dealership.


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