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Saturday, November 27, 2010

FIAT 500 spot USA Automobilismo

Fiat for USA video on YouTube:

I disagree with any assertion that this Fiat video which will be used to provide footage for TV Commercials and online Video marketing is either bland or without inspiration... I find it to be captivating and communicating the essence if what the Fiat brand has become in many other countries.

Fiat does not need to advertise the Fiat 500 as a product, similar to what other car companies do when they roll a new model out in the format of the now traditional "Product Launch".

Before any of their products stand a chance to succeed in the North American market for new cars, Fiat must build a brand from virtually scratch. Those of us old enough to have ever bought a new Fiat in the USA (like me) are not in their targeted demographics. As a brand building message, this video is brilliant, well conceived and visually delicious.

Between 30 and 25 years ago I experienced adventure and joy in the two Fiats I owned and drove. Despite their reputation for poor quality at the time, neither my two door Brava, nor my mid-engine X1/9 "Baby Ferrari" Fiats ever let me down. The X1/9 became a Sunday Amusement Park ride for me and my youngest daughter on Sundays through the twisty canyon roads of Southern California... My 4 YO daughter called her "Toney" after the Bertone coach builder plaque on the door sill.

I hope that Fiat is successful enough in the USA to assist in the survival of Chrysler, and inject some more variety and entrepreneurial spirit into the more established auto industry.

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  1. Totally agree Ralph.
    I had an old X1/9 for a summer, such fun around the slim country lanes of Cornwall in the UK. The original CinqueCento was an icon of the 60's, similar to the Mini, for old farts like me, there is still a connection with the brand, and the memories of their terrible rust issues of the 70s that nearly destroyed the company are but a distant memory.
    The 'Brand New Retro' Fiat 500 will be a successful introduction of the Brand to an American public unaware of Fiat's history and connections with rather more recognised Italian Brands.
    In this global economy, knowledge and market share around the world is vital for OEMs. Fiat's European prowess will supplement the skill set at Chrysler, and open doors in markets important to Chrysler's future success.
    I too, wish them every success.


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