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Friday, February 25, 2011

Social Media Marketing: Hertz NeverLost Mapping Issue

Check this out... Oscar saw a Tweet from me complaining that a business was located incorrectly by the Hertz Neverlost GPS System I was using in a car I rented at Washington Dulles International Airport. This response from Oscar Loera is simply amazing.  Obviously he monitors the social web for mentions of his company and their products. The fact is that he snapped into action after seeing my post from and has even gone so far as to refund my cost of using the Neverlost GPS guidance System in the Hertz Rental car I was using at the time. 

Oscar included his direct phone, email and personal cell phone in his communications with me. He also posted a public apology on Twitter and explained what his company was doing to correct the problem that initiated my tweet.  

Oscar's highly effective and proactive response process has increased my loyalty and intent to continue using Hertz for my rental vehicle needs. 

This is also a good example of why Hertz continues to out-perform other companies in their business segment for their shareholders. 

To Oscar: 

Thank you for being such an outstanding example of how a business can use Social Media for Reputation Management and to better achieve Marketing Communication objectives. 

On Feb 25, 2011, at 12:01 PM, "Loera, Oscar" wrote:


I apologize for the mapping issue that you ran into while using the Hertz NeverLost.  While we update our units year round, we realize that issues like this sometimes occur.  We also offer Real-Time customer service at 800-823-2547 for any issues, but I'm sure that is not helpful to you when you are trying to get to your destination and run into an error.  Please contact me and let us try to address the cost of the Hertz NeverLost system that you incurred.  We always want to ensure that you get to your destinations safely.  We even offer Online Trip Planning to let you plan those in advance at  I look forward to hearing from you.

Oscar Loera, Jr.

Director - Online Marketing and Social Media

Navigation Solutions

3314 N. Central Expressway

Plano, Texas 75074

Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx

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