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Monday, March 14, 2011

SlideShare Engineering Blog

Announcing...the SlideShare Engineering Blog
Have you ever wanted to know more about the technologies that power SlideShare? Our engineering team just started a new blog, and you can now learn how we automate our operations through Puppet, our next Javascript API, or how we
made our pages load faster. As we post more, you will get to hear more about the technologies, tools and techniques we use at SlideShare. You can subscribe to the new technology blog. Our main blog will continue to focus on SlideShare content and community as before.

new SlideShare embed features

Corporate Social Media Strategists on SlideShare What do Vanina Delobelle of Sears, Sandra Brill of Cisco and Justin Kestelyn of Oracle all have in common? They have each created the highest viewed presentations about social media on SlideShare. For the past two years, Altimeter Group co-founder Jeremiah Owyang has compiled a list of corporate social media strategists. Read Ross's blog post for a summary and best practices. If you are a corporate social media strategist, send us an email - we want to know how you are using SlideShare!

Did you hear about our new WordPress plugin?
Last week we told you about better SlideShare embeds. This week, we are glad to announce that you can easily customize your embeds on Wordpress using this new plugin. You can

  • Start an embedded presentation on the slide of your choosing,
  • Choose size of your embedded presentation
  • Turn off displaying more content by the presentation's creator

We're doing our best to make the plugin as easy to use as possible, but there are some geeky details which you will find on our engineering blog.

Presentation Spotlight...Tips for UNICEF
Tips for UNICEFIt's always a pleasure to share presentations that are particularly compelling. This week we spotted this new SlideShare presentation from Jonathan Kopp of Ketchum Digital "Becoming a (More) Socialized Organization: 10 Tips for UNICEF to Tap the Social Web," which he presented at the UNICEF Global Communications Conference in Athens, Greece. Rich in content, this presentation offers useful infographics and practical steps that UNICEF can take to get more out of the social web. Congratulations, Jonathan, on creating a top-notch presentation.


Keeping your eye on South by Southwest?

Be sure to check out the SXSW presentation channel for the latest presos as they are uploaded. If you're presenter, tag your slidedeck SXSW11 to make sure it displays in our search results. 

Ralph Paglia
Vice President

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