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Thursday, April 21, 2011



From electing an American president to toppling an Egyptian dictator, there seems to be no limits to what social media can do, but what about driving profitable business into today's dealership?
This session will showcase several actual case studies of social media marketing initiatives that have produced measurable and successful results for the dealers that executed them. An emphasis will be placed on each example's coordination with both off-line and online communication channels driven by an integrated marketing strategy. Attendees will learn how to create viral marketing impact using contests and a system that rewards consumers for spreading the word about the dealership. Online resources will be provided along with reference handouts in printed format providing attendees with valuable tools that they can make use of to promote their dealership before leaving the conference. The use of Google Analytics, content syndication, article marketing, Facebook pages, Twitter link campaigns and how to leverage a dealership's Facebook Fan base as a marketing database will each be demonstrated from the perspective of dealers who have done what many consider to be the future of marketing… today.

Outline: What action items will they take back to the dealerships?:

How to create successful viral marketing campaigns using contests and a system of sharing entries among friends and co-workers to spread the word. Attendees will receive handouts providing valuable tools. How to use Google Analytics, content syndication, article marketing, Facebook pages, Twitter link campaigns and a dealership's Facebook Fan base as a marketing database.
1. Create a Facebook advertising campaign that drives dramatic increases in a dealership's Facebook fan base.

2. Use the little known Facebook page "Updates" application as a free marketing tool to send messages and links to all of the dealership's Facebook fans without spam filter interference.

3. Design and build an online contest that uses prizes and awards to drive automotive consumers towards submitting contest entries that create an active and dynamic marketing database for the dealership.

4. Connect the dealership's blogs, social media accounts and profiles with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites so that dealers can post once and have their messaging, photos and videos appear in many places across the social web.
logoRalph Paglia has 20-plus years of leadership in information technology enabled automotive marketing strategy and tactical implementation. Widely known as the outspoken director of digital marketing at ADP Dealer Services, Paglia is now the vice president of digital at Tier 10 Marketing. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of America's leading social network for automotive marketing and sales professionals. The Automotive Digital Marketing (ADM) Professional Community provides an online exchange for strategies, tactics, best practices, files, images, videos and professional networking amongst marketing professionals working in the car business. Paglia has presented critically acclaimed workshops at each of the nine previous Digital Dealer conferences.

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