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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beware of Delinquent Tickets!

The Polk Blog: Beware of Delinquent Tickets! 

Beware of Delinquent Tickets!

Where there are automotive vehicles, there is someone driving.  And where there is driving, there is a strong possibility there will be tickets. I understand this equation. However, I never thought of tickets as being a form of global currency. Read on .... and be prepared to be surprised by some rather large numbers!

I recently read an eye-opening story from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Regional Newsletter. New York City has recently stated that they want a cut of any U.S. aid money heading to foreign countries that refuse to pay their NYC parking tickets. Some 289 foreign missions have racked up more than $16.4 million in unpaid city parking tickets and fines. Current law allows the U.S to withhold 110% of the amounts owed in unpaid parking tickets and taxes from any U.S. aid the delinquent countries get. The city recently got Kuwait to cough up $1 million in fines. Since 2002, when the city and the State Department worked out an agreement to go after these diplomatic disasters, the number of unpaid tickets plummeted: roughly 3,000 since 2002, compared to nearly 143,000 racked up before the agreement. Egypt still tops the list, with 17,948 unpaid tickets totaling $1.9 million owed.

An interesting approach to balancing the budget!

Posted by Alice Miles, Regional Director, Government Relations (05.23.2011)

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Monday, May 16, 2011

LinkedIn Goes Public on Thursday

LinkedIn is set to go public May 19. The business-oriented networking site hopes to raise as much as $274 million this week in what will be one of the first major social media IPOs.

LinkedIn will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LNKD. Its shares are expected to trade in the $32 to $35 range and 7.84 million shares will be available. The company will likely be valued around $3 billion after the IPO.

LinkedIn announced its intention to file for an IPOin January. At the time, the company was valued at $2.51 billion based on shares traded on secondary market SharesPost.

The eight-year-old company hit the 100 million user mark in March and became profitable in 2010 with a net income of $10.1 million and net revenues of $161.4 million in the first nine months of 2010. In Q1, LinkedIn's revenues hit $93.9 million, a 110% increase from the year-ago period. Net income was $2 million, compared to $1.8 million in Q1 2010.

LinkedIn is the first of a slew of anticipated social media IPOs set for the next year or so. Others include FacebookZyngaGrouponPandora,KayakYelpRovio and ZillowRenren, billed as the "Facebook of China," went public this month and raised $743.4 million.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Ning Creators Group Weekly Summary of Best Practices in Community Management

A digest of discussions, blog posts, and interesting things found along the way in the past week.


Glass Lovers

They find. They make.



Who's ready for a A More Interactive Main Page? Nick lays out the upcoming improvements to Main Page Interaction. We know many of you are psyched about this one. We are, too.

Who's also ready for some improvements to Groups? Tell Us About Groups Improvements You Want to See.


Kristy was sending her mom a Mother's Day card and found some great, free services that Allow Members to Send eCards.

Milagros Baerga is about to hit a milestone: Our Network Is Approaching 3,000 Members. It's a very pretty site. Well done, Milagros!

TJ @jQueryHelp teaches you How to Highlight a Certain Video. Literally.

Brian Floe: By Request I'm Sharing My Custom Navigation Menu.

JP probably set a tip record this week. Among others, he shows how to Protect Your Email Address with He lists 30 Ways to Optimize Your Site for Speed. Plus, a super fast and simple way to Post Ning Network Activity Feed to Twitter, Then to Your Facebook PageIncrease Membership or Sales by Harnessing the Power of Your Existing Members. He also asks: Are You and Your Members Struggling with Internet Explorer? This Might Help! Whew. That wasn't even all of them.

soaringeagle has a Quick, Easy Tip to Increase Revenue and Have a Cleaner Look at the Same Time. It's all about the two-column layout.

Mark Flockhart has one word for you: Motivation.

Brian K emphasizes The Importance of Proper Tags and Descriptions on Photos.

Speed Racer used the Language Editor to change the name of his members' inbox. It's Not Just an Inbox!.

Deb W. has a great idea about having someone sponsorship her network and wants some advice:Sponsors: How Much to Charge?


What Do You Have to Lose?: "With your ideas, your dreams, your goals, ask yourself what's the worst that can happen? Then take action."

Your Online Community Is Trivial — And That's Why It Matters: "There is always a lot of heavy, meaningful stuff going on in the world. Death, destruction and tragedy and what can be done to help. Chances are, your community isn't really as important as these concerns in the grand scheme of things. But, at the same time, that doesn't mean that every thread needs to be diverted to important issues or that the threads aren't important to someone, just because they may not be important to a lot of people."

How to Build a Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard: "Do you need a better way to manage the monitoring of your social media? Don't want to spend a lot of money? How about a free alternative?"

11 Processes For Scaling Online Communities: "Some community managers are overwhelmed. They don't have enough time to do all the work. They respond to every e-mail, check every forum post, repurpose news from web sources, maintain the platform, initiate discussions and resolve disputes. This is fine, necessary, work. However, it doesn't scale. One approach to handling this is to prioritise your work. Focus on the important stuff. A better approach is to put processes in place which scale."


Sitting All Day Is Killing You

We hope you've found that this Best of the Week digest worth standing up for!

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HELP WANTED: Search Advertising Analyst Coordinators - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

HELP WANTED: Search Advertising Analyst Coordinators - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

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The new and expanded Tier 10 Marketing and Team Velocity offices in Dulles and Sterling, Virginia have been acquired and built out to facilitate growing our team of automotive marketing professionals. Becoming part of the Tier 10 Marketing team means that you would join the fastest growing and most highly respected group of people in the Automotive Marketing business, serving car dealers, dealer advertising associations and car companies.

Our clients work closely with our account executives who communicate with our team of advertising coordinators to ensure that all advertising, including digital, is consistent with the same look, feel and messaging across multiple media channels.

Tier 10 Marketing Digital Advertising Coordinators utilize sophisticated bid management and campaign placement software to optimize our client advertising across Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook to achieve advertising campaign objectives.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Technology, Media and Entertainment Stories of the Day

Today's most interesting technology, media and entertainment stories:

TV Households Decrease for First Time in 20 Years

Cybercriminals are exploiting Osama bin Laden's death to trick people into visiting malicious websites. Scammers are also circulating infected messages on Facebook with links ... [read more ...]

Google's South Korean Office Raided

The Seoul police recently raided Google's office in South Korea over suspicions of data collection. Authorities said that Google's advertising arm AdMob was collecting information ... [read more ...]

Microsoft's Bing Partnering with BlackBerry

Microsoft recently partnered with Research in Motion to bring Bing to all BlackBerry devices. The company is trying to compete with Google's search integration on mobile ... [read more ...]

Amazon May Enter Tablet Market reports that Amazon placed an order with Taiwan-based notebook manufacturer Quanta Computer for tablet PC parts. Quanta expects the product to start being ... [read more ...]

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Vehicle Shortage; Largest Supply/Demand Gap in Over 40 Years - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

New Vehicle Shortage; Largest Supply/Demand Gap in Over 40 Years - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

The American Auto Industry now has the most fuel efficient vehicles in the history of the auto industry to offer new car buyers... Gasoline will most likely never drop below $3.50 a gallon (at least during my lifetime), and will most likely top $5 per gallon any day now. The quantity of American cars, Units In Operation (UIO) that have been exported and/or scrapped during the past 3 years EXCEEDS the quantity of new vehicles sold in the USA during the same time period..