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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beware of Delinquent Tickets!

The Polk Blog: Beware of Delinquent Tickets! 

Beware of Delinquent Tickets!

Where there are automotive vehicles, there is someone driving.  And where there is driving, there is a strong possibility there will be tickets. I understand this equation. However, I never thought of tickets as being a form of global currency. Read on .... and be prepared to be surprised by some rather large numbers!

I recently read an eye-opening story from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Regional Newsletter. New York City has recently stated that they want a cut of any U.S. aid money heading to foreign countries that refuse to pay their NYC parking tickets. Some 289 foreign missions have racked up more than $16.4 million in unpaid city parking tickets and fines. Current law allows the U.S to withhold 110% of the amounts owed in unpaid parking tickets and taxes from any U.S. aid the delinquent countries get. The city recently got Kuwait to cough up $1 million in fines. Since 2002, when the city and the State Department worked out an agreement to go after these diplomatic disasters, the number of unpaid tickets plummeted: roughly 3,000 since 2002, compared to nearly 143,000 racked up before the agreement. Egypt still tops the list, with 17,948 unpaid tickets totaling $1.9 million owed.

An interesting approach to balancing the budget!

Posted by Alice Miles, Regional Director, Government Relations (05.23.2011)

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