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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is Google Fighting for Survival in a Social Web?

Evolution is about winners and losers and survival of the fittest. The origin of any species, digital or flesh and blood depends on the ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments. 
If you want to see it happening in real time you only have to survey the digital world to view it happening before your eyes.  MySpace dominated the social networking universe by providing a social and multimedia experience so addictive that teenagers didn't leave their rooms for years.
Along came Facebook and made a better mouse trap that not only hooked teenagers and Generation Y but their parents as well and now MySpace is fighting for its very existence.
Google has dominated the web for nearly a decade and with earnings of over $29 billion a year and enough cash to buy Greece you would think it was impregnable. But there are some worying signs with people spending more time on Facebook than Google, with users spending 375 minutes a month on Facebook compared to only 231 minutes on Google  (by the way that happened in 2010)
To remain relevant on an increasingly social web and maybe even ensure its long term survival,  Google has just announced its 'Google+' social network that targets Facebook and the way that Facebook operates including security and privacy issues....Read more of this article, 78 Darling Street, Rozelle, NSW 2040, AUSTRALIA

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