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Sunday, July 31, 2011

GooglePlus Marketing for Car Dealers

Can Google+ be used as a Marketing Tool by and for Car Dealers?

Google+ is the new kid on the social block. As it is offered on all Google products (Gmail,, Google Docs, etc.), its adoption may spread quickly—once its limited field trial completes and anyone can play.

Google+ enables real-time updates (like Twitter) and lets you keep in touch with "circles" of friends (like Facebook, but with simpler options for privacy/content visibility). You can also check into places with it (like FourSquare lets you do).

So, what's in it for marketers? Although Google+ is still young, we can take a few guesses about its marketing talents.

For one, more people will add Google's "+1" feature to content pages and e-newsletter templates. That means more user engagement for publishers.

There are also implications for:

Search. The more +1's your content gets, the more likely Google may consider it topically relevant. This makes SEO less reliant on "black-hat" marketing tactics, tipping the scale more to usefulness. It's likely Google will factor +1 scores into its algorithm with time.

Scaling to coveted audiences. The more you use Google+, the more intelligent it will get. You'll start seeing increasingly relevant content coming from within your social graph—meaning users most interested in what you have to say will find your material more easily, and will be more likely to trust it.

Influencer marketing. Google+ is another way for users to share what they're reading and watching. The great thing is, brands and marketers aren't being courted yet, so it's still just about who joins and how users interact with (and spread) what they get. This data will grow increasingly important for marketers; the biggest influencers on Google+ will become desirable sharers of content.

The Po!nt: This kid has potential. Google+ is just a baby, but its scope and ease of use make its implications for marketers worth consideration. Stay tuned.

Looking for great social media marketing data? MarketingProfs reviewed hundreds of research sources to create our most recentSocial Media Marketing Factbook (May 2010). With 140 pages and 102 charts, it is full of relevant social media marketing stats and trends. The Social Media Marketing Factbook is Part 5 of the complete Digital Marketing Factbook (our 296-page full report).

Source: MarketingProfs

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jim Ziegler, National Featured Columnist Expands His Media Reach to Auto Dealers

Jim Ziegler, National Featured Columnist Expands His Media Reach to Auto Dealers


Atlanta, GA:  After 14 years as the featured auto industry national columnist in Dealer Magazine, Jim Ziegler resigned to take his widely read articles to new and broader venues. In his column, The Dealer Advocate, Jim became known as the champion for auto dealers, and after sharing his insights withdealers and industry executives; he has helped change attitudes and policies with various vehicle manufacturers (OEM’s) concerning the way they interact with their dealer networks. This has earned Ziegler a huge following in the industry.


Ford Motor Company, Chrysler and General Motors have sought Jim’s counsel regarding dealer relationships, new products, and developing business strategies. Jim Ziegler has the uncanny ability to accurately predict future trends and challenges, as well as what will or will not work in the retail market. As a respected futurist in the industry, he has certainly earned the nickname “The Nostradamus of Auto Retailing.”


Ziegler's observations, insights and commentary are sought out by the top media outlets in the country. Jim Ziegler has been interviewed and featured on CNN, BusinessWeek, 60 Minutes on CBS, Automotive News, Automotive News, Detroit News, and other radio and television stations and programs too numerous to mention. 


His exit from Dealer Magazine allows Ziegler's popular, hard-hitting commentary, and his signature in-your-face style, to be featured on two of the top auto retailing social communities, DealerElite and Automotive Digital Marketing (ADM).  These sites attract not only thousands of managers and dealer owners but industry related trainers, vendors and OEM executives. If you want to follow Jim you can register online for either orboth of these sites and get regular updates on their new content.


In addition to writing his popular Dealer Advocate column for these social networks Jim will also be featured in two other industry publications. Wards Dealer Business Magazine, the premier publication in the automotive industry will feature Jim’s monthly column entitled “The Way I See It.” 

BUT WAIT, there's more, Jim will also be writing a monthly article in F&I Magazine, a Bobbit publication, with Tips, Techniques, and Best Practices focusing on retail automobile sales, management, F&I, and Internet sales as well as various marketing subjects.  This will be hands on"How To Do It" article each month. 


You can read Jim's current article, his first since resigning from Dealer Magazine titled Split the Aces and Double Down on the ADM site or on the DealerElite site and again if not a member of these communities you can easily join them to keep up on auto retailing events, videos, and other discussions to help improve performance and profits.



About Us:
Ziegler SuperSystems is an automotive training and consulting organization based in the Atlanta, GA area. President Jim Ziegler has been a keynote speaker at 11 National and more than 79 State Dealer conventions, and has trained over 100,000 Dealers, Managers, and Industry Manufacturer Executives.  Jim can be reached at: James A. Ziegler  (800)-726-0510 or via email 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Yelp Hits 20 Million Reviews

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Consumers Embrace Social Media for Brand Feedback

Consumers Embrace Social Media for Brand Feedback

But still more likely to address complaints to brands more directly

Many social network users are using channels such as Twitter and Facebook to discuss shopping decisions and experiences with their peers. Although often this means they are using social networks as another channel to hunt down the best deals, consumers are also turning to those sites to provide feedback about their experiences with brands.

ROI Research conducted a study that asked social network users why they discuss products and services on social network sites. The majority of respondents said that when discussing products and services, they are comparing prices and talking about sales and specials with their social network friends and followers. Fifty-three percent of the surveyed social network users said they provide feedback to the brand or retailer via social network sites—and 47% said they express disappointment with the brand when they see fit.

Reasons that US Social Network Users Discuss Products/Services on Social Network Sites, April 2011 (% of respondents)

The ROI Research study points out that consumers voice complaints about certain verticals more so than others. Survey respondents listed household products, telecommunications and healthcare and pharma as top categories for expressing dissatisfaction on a social network. Sports-related brands, magazines and newspapers, and alcoholic beverages, on the other hand, received low levels of complaints. The travel industry ranked fairly low on the list—which may come as a surprise given the resources that many travel companies have devoted to responding to consumer feedback on Twitter.

MarketTools survey focusing on customer satisfaction with US airline carriers indicates that although US travelers may be embracing social networks to express feedback more frequently than in the past, social media as a feedback or customer service channel is still nascent.

Many travelers are using social networks to let their friends and followers in on their travel woes. In fact, the MarketTools survey indicates one out of 10 US travelers has used social media to complain about an airline. Because the complaints are undirected though, they often go unanswered. The survey shows that only one out of four consumers who complained via social media got a response back from an airline.

Although travelers are voicing dissatisfaction to their friends via social media, few travelers actually use sites such as Twitter and Facebook to give direct negative feedback to airlines. Only 2% of travelers who had given feedback or complaints about airline service in the past year said they had done so via social media. Most travelers reached out to the airline customer service department through the website, email or phone.

Method Used to Submit Feedback/Complaints to Airlines According to US Travelers, May 2011 (% of respondents)

Both studies demonstrate that while collecting and responding to feedback over social networks may be a new phenomenon for brands, there is room for growth. Listening and responding to complaints on social media also offers brands a chance to connect with customers in an additional channel, and to potentially increase customer satisfaction.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Social Auto Sales Today

Social Auto Sales Today
Saturday, Jul. 09, 2011

Google+ Is Your Plus One

Google+, the long-awaited and highly ambitious Circle-driven social network from Google, has a clumsy name. It's a search-unfriendly and seemingly unfitting moniker for the world's next great socia...


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Too Busy for Social Media Marketing Could Be Fatal

Published on The #SocialMedia Marketer

Facebook and Skype Link: This Week in Social Media

Published on News and Views

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ralph Paglia to Speak at Huntington Beach Automotive Conference

Ralph Paglia to Speak at Huntington Beach Automotive Conference

Vice President of Digital at Tier 10 Marketing, Ralph Paglia, will reveal "Digital Guerilla Marketing Strategies and Tactics" at the Huntington Beach Pit Stop tour for car dealers.

Ralph Paglia
Ralph Paglia
– Jul 07, 2011 – Eatontown, NJ – PCG Digital Marketing is pleased to announce that noted digital marketing specialist, Ralph Paglia, has joined the roster of expert speakers that will discuss the latest trends in automotive marketing strategies at the multi-city Pit Stop tours this summer. Paglia will be speaking at the Huntington Beach Pit Stop marketing conference for car dealers July 16th and 17th. 

Paglia's hands-on workshop, entitled "Digital Guerilla Marketing Strategies and Tactics", will show dealers how to take advantage of emerging Internet marketing tools for guerilla marketers and how to recognize when their competitors are using these same tactics against them.  According to Paglia, "no dealer should try these techniques without knowing the risks and returns". 

The PCG Pit Stop tour will be making its way to major US and Canadian cities this summer.  The automotive marketing conference pit stops are open to any dealership employee but were created with Dealer Principals/GM, General Sales Managers/ISM, and Fixed Operations Managers in mind.  Some of the additional workshop topics to be covered include customer communication, selling with social media strategies, fixed operations marketing, CRM processes, Google AdWords, mobile marketing and more. 

Along with Ralph Paglia, PCG and the Pit Stop team welcome leading expert speakers including AJ LeBlanc, Paul Potratz, David Page, Keith Shetterly, Scott Falcone and more. 

The Huntington Beach PCG Pit Stop will take place on July 16th and 17th at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. 

To register for the PCG Pit Stop® program or for more information, visit . 

About Ralph Paglia 

Ralph Paglia has 20+ years of leadership in information technology enabled automotive marketing strategies and tactical implementation. Widely known as the outspoken Director of Digital Marketing at ADP Dealer Services, Ralph is now the Vice President of Digital at Tier 10 Marketing. Ralph is also the founder and editor-in-chief of America's leading social network for automotive marketing and sales professionals. The Automotive Digital Marketing (ADM) Professional Community provides an online exchange for strategies, tactics, best practices, files, images, videos and professional networking amongst marketing professionals working in the car business. 

About PCG Digital Marketing 
PCG Digital Marketing ( is a full service digital marketing agency that serves the Automotive Industry.  PCG is nationally recognized as a leader in Automotive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and automotive digital marketing.   

Brian Pasch, CEO and founder of PCG Digital Marketing is an active blogger, writer and speaker at automotive conferences, 20 Groups and digital marketing forums.  PCG Digital Marketing is also the creator of the Automotive Website Awards, which recognizes the best automotive websites platforms based on their search marketing effectiveness, the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference and Automotive Marketing Boot Camp. 

Media Contact: 
Carrie Hemphill 
PCG Digital Marketing 
732-450-8200 ext 2
Ralph Paglia

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jim Ziegler's "Dealer Advocate" Monthly Column on ADM Professional Community

Ziegler Supersystems announced on July 5, 2011 that Jim Ziegler's monthly articles titled "The Dealer Advocate" would be published on the automotive industry's leading two online networks "Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community" at and "DealerElite" at

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Google+ Replaces Blogger and Picasa According to Mashable Report

Say goodbye to the Picasa and Blogger names: Google intends to retire several non-Google name brands and rename them as Google products,Mashable has learned.

The move is part of a larger effort to unify its brand for the public launch of Google+, the search giant's social initiative.

Blogger and Picasa aren't going away, of course — they're two of Google's most popular products. Instead, according to two sources familiar with the matter, Google intends to rename Picasa "Google Photos" and Blogger will become "Google Blogs." Several other Google brands are likely to be affected, though our sources made it clear thatYouTube would not be rebranded. The technology giant shut down Google Video, its failed web video service, in May.

The move isn't without precedent; Google acquired JotSpot in 2006 and rebranded it as Google Sites in 2008. In 2007, Google acquired VOIP platform GrandCentral and relaunched it as Google Voicein 2009.


Picasa and Blogger were also Google acquisitions, although both companies have been part of the Google empire for far longer. Picasa was acquired in 2004 and Blogger (co-founded by Evan Williams of Twitter) was acquired in 2003 and is one of the top 10 most visited websites in the world. Although the rebranding could upset some existing customers, it also gives Google the ability to completely integrate both services into Google+.

Rebranding Coming in Next Six Weeks

The transition from Picasa and Blogger to Google Photos and Google Blogs will occur "in a month to a month and a half," we've been told. The date aligns with the likely public launch of Google+.Mashable has been told to expect the public debut of Google+ on or before July 31. The date is important because it's the day all private Google Profiles will be deleted.

We believe Google doesn't want to have private profiles after the public Google+ launch. Instead, the company is likely to encourage users who want more privacy to use Circles to curate their friend groups.

The brand unification effort will be the largest in company history — it's never renamed a property as large as Blogger. The popular blog creation service has been receiving a lot of extra love recently. In March, Google announced that Bloggerwould receive a major overhaul. We doubt many people expected that the overhaul would include a rebranding, though.

Google+ makes perfect sense for Blogger and Picasa — they are both social products that improve as more people use them. It's important to note that Google+ already has a photos feature, a product that we believe utilizes Picasa technology. It's also important to note that Google+'s photo feature has no Picasa branding of any kind.

Update: Google declined to comment on this story.


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