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Sunday, July 31, 2011

GooglePlus Marketing for Car Dealers

Can Google+ be used as a Marketing Tool by and for Car Dealers?

Google+ is the new kid on the social block. As it is offered on all Google products (Gmail,, Google Docs, etc.), its adoption may spread quickly—once its limited field trial completes and anyone can play.

Google+ enables real-time updates (like Twitter) and lets you keep in touch with "circles" of friends (like Facebook, but with simpler options for privacy/content visibility). You can also check into places with it (like FourSquare lets you do).

So, what's in it for marketers? Although Google+ is still young, we can take a few guesses about its marketing talents.

For one, more people will add Google's "+1" feature to content pages and e-newsletter templates. That means more user engagement for publishers.

There are also implications for:

Search. The more +1's your content gets, the more likely Google may consider it topically relevant. This makes SEO less reliant on "black-hat" marketing tactics, tipping the scale more to usefulness. It's likely Google will factor +1 scores into its algorithm with time.

Scaling to coveted audiences. The more you use Google+, the more intelligent it will get. You'll start seeing increasingly relevant content coming from within your social graph—meaning users most interested in what you have to say will find your material more easily, and will be more likely to trust it.

Influencer marketing. Google+ is another way for users to share what they're reading and watching. The great thing is, brands and marketers aren't being courted yet, so it's still just about who joins and how users interact with (and spread) what they get. This data will grow increasingly important for marketers; the biggest influencers on Google+ will become desirable sharers of content.

The Po!nt: This kid has potential. Google+ is just a baby, but its scope and ease of use make its implications for marketers worth consideration. Stay tuned.

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