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Sunday, August 21, 2011

AutoMax Recruiting & Training Partners With Hire The Winners And The Car Sales Simulator

AutoMax Recruiting & Training Partners With Hire The Winners And The Car Sales Simulator

Mays Landing, NJ  – August 17th, 2011 – AutoMax Recruiting And Training, the country's most requested automotive sales recruiting and training company, announces today, a strategic partnership with Hire The Winners, the creator of the Car Sales Simulator, a virtual automotive sales simulator, scientifically validated to pinpoint top producers.

"While we've always thought our recruiting and sales training services to be the best in the business," says Craig Lockerd, the CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training. "The Car Sales Simulator vastly improves the offerings that we bring to auto dealers. Now, instead of saying that we recruit, hire and train we can now say, thanks to Hire The Winners and The Car Sales Simulator, that we now recruit, screen, train and retain!"

What this means to the auto industry is a deeper level of knowledge on a prospective salesperson, and their sales potential, before they're ever hired and talk to a live customer. "Some people may interview well," says Steve Munyan, president and national sales director of Hire The Winners. "But unless they take The Car Sales Simulator, you'll never know their true sales potential. For instance, once a prospective salesperson goes through The Car Sales Simulator, you'll know upfront their level of motivation, empathy, sales aptitude and knowledge. All key indicators of sales potential."

With The Car Sales Simulator, AutoMax Recruiting And Training has a powerful tool to aid auto dealers in the screening  of potential recruits, gauging sales training effectiveness and the ability to predict employee retention. With over 16,000 simulations done to date, The Car Sales Simulator boasts an 82% retention rate of automotive sales people categorized as recommended, after two years. For those that are recommended with reservation, there is a 64% retention rate after 2 years and those not recommended have just a 14% retention rate, after two years.

"If you're looking to make your hiring decisions easier," starts Craig Lockerd, "then the new and improved AutoMax Recruiting And Training , with advanced screening metrics available from The Car Sales Simulator, doesn't get any easier!"

Developed in the trenches  by real car guys, using real life scenarios, The Car Sales Simulator is able to predict, with uncanny ability, whether or not a sales person has the potential  to become a top sales performer. The only sales simulator of its kinds, The Car Sales Simulator uses interactive video to present potential salespeople with a set of decisions that will either lead to the sale or down another path all together. A path that could, at the least, lose them the sale or a path that could land them at the sales managers desk for a "taking to." It's in these decisions that The Car Sales Simulator is able to gauge the core competencies that make up an above average, automotive salesperson.  Couple that with AutoMax Recruiting And Training's ability to attract applicants, and train them for success, this partnership ensures that automotive dealers spend less time and money on non-performers, and more time working with salespeople that are above average, close potential customers at a higher percentage and enjoy their sales careers more.

"What I'm most excited about," says Craig Lockerd. "Is that now we have the ability, through our alliance with Hire The Winners, to truly bring dealers committed, SCREENED, and well trained automotive salespeople, with no bad habits!"

Mr. Lockerd went on to say that not only do they have the ability to recruit, screen, train and retain automotive salespeople but also, through their AutoMax Hire division, they are also able to recruit, screen, train and retain internet salespeople, BDC personnel, both F&I and sales managers as well as service advisors, through their strategic alliance with Hire The Winners.

About AutoMax Recruiting And Training

AutoMax has been the industry leader in the recruitment and development of career minded people that are committed, well trained and with no bad habits for over 12 years, with over 10,500 recruiting and training campaigns and over 87,000 people trained. They are able to do this through proper ads, pre-screening, ongoing relationship between applicant and AutoMax, through their follow up and desire to help people succeed.

Craig Lockerd
PH: 800.878.5090

Ralph Paglia
cell: 505-301-6369

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