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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Car Dealer Email Collection Strategy

I have seen multiple tactics used as part of an email collection strategy for Car Dealers.  Some of the most useful have been:


1. Service Cashier - As each ticket is signed off by a customer, the cashier politely asks "What is your email address?" and writes it on the RO. At end of each day, all DMS records are updated with customer email addresses from the stack of closed RO's.  Key; cashier does not ask "may I have your email!" but instead asks "what is your email?".  If customers enquire; the dealer needs to be able to send recall notices, TSB's and other important owner info via email for efficiency.  Occasionally, the updates will include newsletters and promotional offers that the customer can opt out of at any time. 


2. Customer Contests - Showroom and Service customers are offered a chance to win an iPad, LED TV, Laptop etc. from a monthly drawing by entering their contact info, email address and year, make, model they currently drive. 


3. DMS Email Append Service - Borh ADP and other providers offer services that take the DMS customer data and match across Acxiom, Experian and other databases to find consumer emails.  This is pushed back into the HC DMS for the relevant delership. Some services include validation on behalf of the dealer sent to each consumer whose record has been appended, this achieving a "double opt-in" record for Can-Spam compliance. 


4. Social Media Networks - Consumer emails can be acquired in multiple ways via social media. For example, the creation of a Herb Chambers Social Network would create an exportable SQL database of membership account fields such as email address, mail address, year, make, model owned, Workplace, preferred HC location an anything we consider important, up to 12 data fields. Examples of these dealer sponsored social networks are in the Tier10 proposal submitted. But look for good examples that have been established for awhile.  A recent Tier10 example is .  Also, we have collected well over 20,000 email addresses and customer data for Penske Auto Group using two contests run in 2011 that were built as apps in Facebook. Facebook will allow us to set up lead forms that can be autofilled by consumers using their Facebook profile, including the FB registered email address. 


5. Incoming Phone Calls - Several dealers I have worked with have used incentives to drive email collection and data entry resulting from inbound phone calls.  When a BDC handles phone calls, they can be rewarded with a $1 to $5 bonus for each valid email address they collect along with customer info that is entered in their CRM system. Other dealers have offered sales staff with a $500 monthly bonus for most number of valid emails received, including a minimum volume qualifier. I have also seen Service Advisors and Service Call Centers incentivize the collection of emails. 

The key to any effective email collection strategy is for the dealership's management team to recognize their financial value. Most of the research I have seen about the value of an email address for a car dealer places that value between $6 and $14 a year for valid addresses. These valuation models are usually NOT inclusive of profits generated, but instead are derived from the expense reductions relative to other means of marketing communication.  When revenue and profit realization are factored in, the value of a valid contact record that includes an email address can easily be above $75 per record. 

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Ralph Paglia
Vice President - Digital
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