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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rewarding Unique Content on Automotive Marketing Network

Unique Content versus Duplicate Content


I have an idea that was prompted by a message received from David Johnson, one of the ADM Community's esteemed editors and admins.  His question and recommendations were regarding a means of rewarding those who post unique content to the ADM Professional Community...David and I both agree that when an ADM Member posts content that is unique to the ADM Community, whether a blog, forum discussion, photo, video, etc. that the member should be rewarded for sharing something with ADM Members that is not readily available in the same exact format on the other automotive networks, blogs and communities that exist elsewhere on the web. 


As some members are aware, the ADM Community syndicates blogs, forum posts, photos and videos out across hundreds of affiliated sites using a variety of RSS feeds, application layer integration and widgets built for such purposes.  The ADM Community could begin a process of only syndicating "Featured" content items.  This would then reward unique content posted to ADM by an admin electing to mark the content item as "Featured". This would result in a broad based syndication of those content items which are identified by the author as being exclusive to the ADM network...


What do you think? Would this be an effective way of rewarding those who post unique content? 


Of course, everyone would be free to continue posting the same thing on ADM as they post on other sites, but those who post unique content would get many more views, responses and referring links from what they included within their content due to the widespread distribution of that content across ADM's affiliate network.


This would also make it easy to "unfeature" any content items, or even delete them if the author claims they are unique to ADM and they are not.  Rather than getting draconian about the whole process, repeat offenders would simply not get there content posts featured even when they mark them as unique to the AM Community...


Please let me know what you think, as we are a community of professionals and neither i nor the dozen editors on staff want to take such an action without getting feedback from members.  All in all, I think we will all agree that unique original content that is valuable to ADM Members should be featured and have attention drawn to it.


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