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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What You Need to Know in the World of SEO

The Moz Top Ten
What You Need to Know in the World of SEO
November 2011, Issue 2
In the season of thanks, we want you to know that we think you're awesome. You're what makes our Top 10 list better than all the turkey dinners at grandma's house. Before your stomach starts rumbling too much, take a look at the most interesting links in inbound marketing we've found around the web.

Google's up to it again. Just when your panda-inflicted wounds healed! New changes include more attention to content freshness and improved rich snippets. [search engine land]

500 internet markets dish about their experiences in digital marketing, revealing top trends and topics. [webmarketing123]

G+ has opened the flood gates for brands. Now how will this influence Google search results? [search engine land]

Rand weighs in on Google's keyword referral data hiding. Actually, the really interesting part is all the fascinating comments left by you. There's no way anyone could quantify this affect on all of us without sharing our stories. [seomoz]

Watch Matt Cutts say no and read Jason's review of Cutts' talk at PubCon. [everspark interactive]

Why side projects and hobbies enrich your life and work productivity. [justine musk]

Why your products shouldn't make users do mindless work with continual upkeep. [zach holman]

Danny Sullivan asks for your thoughts on this term and gets lots of interesting responses. [g+]

Are you missing the power of leveraging professionals interested in your business? [outspoken media]

Tips on connecting with your customers without being afraid you're being a pest, and how not to worry about those random unsubscribes from your e-newsletters. [ittybiz]
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