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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How Dealers United Works for Automotive Dealerships

How Dealers United works

When considering the Dealers United value proposition, there are at least two important points to identify and evaluate:

1. What is the problem being solved?

2. Who are the principals and can they be relied upon to deliver?

In the case of Dealers United, the problem the company seeks to solve is fairly easy to understand, it is simply one of economics and purchasing power... Large buying groups have the economic clout to drive lower costs, while individual businesses are relegated to serving the quest for higher gross margins by the supplier. Dealers United will give the single point and smaller privately owned groups the ability to access mega-group buying power.

So, the real question is really one of do you trust and have confidence in the leadership of Dealers United? I (for one) have dealt with Jesse Biter for several years and have found him to be smart, trustworthy and a man of good conscience with strong business ethics and a sense of morality that is based on simple "Right or Wrong" dynamics, rather than being guided by selfish reasons or greed. Do I trust Jesse Biter? Yes, I do...

In my professional opinion, there is no reason why every independently owned dealership and smaller dealer group in America should NOT join Dealers United, and many valid reasons why they should.

Use the links provided to watch the Dealers United video...

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