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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adam Barish's list makes me want to thump...

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Adam Barish's list makes me want to thump my chest, do high fives and smack-downs... However, in all sincerity, if you work in a dealership that uses TrueCar or any other value-diminishing price focused based marketing strategy, once the vehicle is sold, the damage is done. The mistake was made long before the customer showed up at the dealership. Therefore, why punish the customer for taking advantage of the stupidity that permeates your dealership's marketing decisions?

If anything, I would want to win the "Hearts and Minds" of these TrueCar mooches and try to ensure that next time around, they do not want to do business anywhere else... Or, service their vehicle anywhere else. After all, if your dealership is so poorly managed that you cannot generate a fair profit margin, then I hope you are able to retain some of these customers in your service drive to earn SOMETHING from selling that car.

Now, I will also agree that Adam's list made me smile and think "Hell Yeah!", but let's be smart enough to realize that wasting a customer is simply not the best way to go, so consider showing these TrueCar customers some love so they do not feel so compelled to use TrueCar in the future, instead preferring to deal directly with your dealership by cutting out the middleman and the extra $300 in dealer cost they incurred by using TrueCar.
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