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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The top spender is IAC/InterActiveCorp at...

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The top spender is IAC/InterActiveCorp at more than $174 million. IAC owns,, Citysearch and several other companies that are all buying long-term non-used inventory from Google.Other top players such as Amazon ($118 million), eBay ($70 million), and several car insurance agencies (State Farm, $54 million; Allstate, $50 million; Progressive, $46 million) invested several millions as well through the third quarter of this year on Google.Microsoft, at just under $71 million and one of Google's biggest rivals, is the sixth largest search advertiser on Google. Other notables include large travel sites Expedia ($92 million) and Priceline ($67 million). Experian Group was the fifth largest advertiser, spending more than $79 million.What really caught my eye that I never would have thought about is how much telecoms AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint spend. They will likely combine for more than $300 million this year (estimating the fourth quarter). That's a ton of money and a ton of clicks. Though we do have to keep in mind that AT&T also owns online companies like and other relevant sites.
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