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Monday, February 27, 2012

As fascinating as I find this infographic...

As fascinating as I find this infographic, when I went to the link that JD provided for "Social Jumpstart" I played the video interview with Steve Sarner by Mike Wolpert shown at the bottom of the page... Unfortunately, Mike Wolpert makes one of those annoying "Social Media Guru" introductions that create the kind of negative bias towards social media that many business owners suffer from. The preposterous statements made by Wolpert when introducing Steve Sarner does quite an injustice to anyone who has ever studied "Social Media" from a historical perspective. To say that "Friendster" was the first use of social media by our civilization is an insult to all who understand this space from a historical perspective. Although, I do admire Steve Sarner's description of the social media landscape as one that is broad based and far more extensive than Facebook.
What Happens in a "Social Media Minute"? - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
When we built this simple infographic for Social Jumpstart, the research phase of the process blew my mind. I knew social media moved fast but I really hadn't…
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