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Monday, February 20, 2012

Breaking The Chains To Social Media Engagement - Automotive Marketing

Breaking The Chains To Social Media Engagement

I have heard so many reasons around the rationale being used to block employee access to social media sites at car dealerships and within large dealer groups, that those reasons could fill a book! One of the toughest situations are several hard core "IT Directors" who have simply refused to allow access while saying that their dealership's systems would be over-run with viruses and bandwidth draining viewing of streaming videos, music, pornography... You name it, I have heard IT Directors passionately, and at times hysterically denounce opening up access to social media as if it were like letting the hordes seen on Capital One credit card commercials get into the dealership... In many cases, this passionate and irrational reaction to accessing social media via a dealership's network is sincerely believed by the IT Director. In those cases, the recommendations we are able to make around social media employee policies, anti-viral firewall devices (servers) such as barracuda and others, as well as potentially isolating the dealerships systems from those used to connect to social media, and other solutions are the way to get past some of these "chicken little" cries of anguish on the part of otherwise rational IT professionals.

Source: Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

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