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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Brian Pasch advises (and I agree): Dealers...

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Brian Pasch advises (and I agree): Dealers/GM's should view their site's GWT Reports Each Month. This article showcases just two of many important GWT reports that dealers should use to make sure that your website is configured properly and optimized for Google search. Another important report is "Links to Your Site" report (see image by using link) which will show you which pages have the most off-site links and where these links are coming from. Inbound links are very important still for basic SEO strategies. If you don't have thousands of good quality links to your key website pages, you can't expect to have a strong organic search presence. So make sure you add GWT to your digital marketing strategy and inspection process for 2012.
Does Your Website Pass All Google Diagnostic Tests? - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
The most overlooked website diagnostic software is provided free in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT).   Most dealers are unaware of the wealth of information that…
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