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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marsh Buice states: "No one can fully prepare...

Marsh Buice states: "No one can fully prepare you for the rejection you must face in order to be successful in sales. In a short amount of time, what was once an expensive gem begins to lose its luster. Because of the insurmountable amounts of rejection, we become tired, worn-out, dull, weary; simply we become the verb, Jaded. We begin to look at customers as a liability and no longer an asset. As it is written, "Seek and ye shall find." At one time you looked at each customer as a treasure chest, now they are looked upon as a toxic dump; the waste, the by-product from another dealer's lot. We begin to ask questions such as, "What's your beacon score/ what kinda payment do you want?" or "What do you owe on your car?" in an effort to circumcise our efforts out on the lot. We ask these detrimental kinds of questions and decide if we should date this customer or treat them like a one night stand."
The Jewel Or The Vile? - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
The word Jade is a heteronym (a word with the same spelling, yet different meanings) that is used in one form or another in the arena of sales. When used as a…
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