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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Mayfair Hotel in Coconut Grove, Florida (near Miami)

The Gates of Hades
The image below shows the doorway and entrance to The Mayfair Hotel and Spa in Coconut Grove, Florida near Miami. The reason why I refer to this image as being the "Gates of Hades" is because in over 30 years of steady travel and thousands of hotel stays, I have never been as disappointed, frustrated and angry with a hotel property as I am with The Mayfair Hotel.
To begin with, the property is grossly overpriced... The Mayfair Hotel says that they provide "Guest Suites" when the reality is that the rooms are small, cramped, poorly floor planned and barely able to fit a king size bed into.

Then there is the state or cleanliness, or lack of... The mold and mildew throughout the closet sized "suites" might be excusable in Miami's humidity and heat were it not for the patina of filth that coats the marble tiled floors and surfaces throughout the room. When I attempted to open the sliding glass door that opens out to the patio attached to the rear of the room, the gooey, sticky glutinous residue on the door handle stuck my hand the handle likes LePage's Glue made from melted down horse hooves.

Once out in the patio area, a hot tub with faded and peeling surfaces greeted me along with an ever thicker coating of mold and mildew along various wood, Fiberglas and painted surfaces... "icky" is the term that came to mind upon first glance. Further inspection of the hot tub revealed a vessel that appeared to be ten years past its recommended replacement date and surely contaminated with a variety of undesirable pathogens!

Walking around the tiny rooms misrepresented as "Guest Suites", each with entirely inappropriate names, is best done with shoes and anti-microbial socks, such as what first responders wear at disaster clean-up sites. When I made the mistake of getting out of my bed at the Mayfair Hotel while barefoot, then walking into the bathroom without protecting my feet, the dirt and filth my feet picked up result in a black moldy discoloring of the water my now contaminated feet came into contact with in the bath tub.

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