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Sunday, February 19, 2012

New-car sales fell sharply in 2008 from 16.2...

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New-car sales fell sharply in 2008 from 16.2 million in 2007 to 13.2 million, according to AutoData Corp. And falling another 2.8 million, to only 10.4 million in 2009.
Large traders General Motors and Chrysler fell into bankruptcy and Ford was forced to restructure itself to avoid the same fate.
With close to 6 million fewer new cars on the road, the average age of cars on the road climbed.
Polk said there are now 240.5 million cars and trucks on the road in the United States, down from 242.1 million in 2008.
Americans Forced To Drive Old Cars Because YOU Are Not Selling Enough New Cars! - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
Americans are holding onto cars longer, pushing the average age of a vehicle on the country's road to a record 11 years. The average age of a car last July was…
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