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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Stop believing your customers! You're too nice!" -

"Stop believing your customers! You're too nice!" -

Mike Myers writes: "In my opinion...
There's nothing wrong with being nice.
There's nothing wrong with empathizing with your customers.
There's nothing wrong with believing their objections.
What IS wrong, is that's where we stop! I'm a firm believer in not selling, but consulting. There's a difference; don't you agree? (got you to say YES didn't I?) (just did it again ;) Customers want you to be nice, believe in what they're telling you, and being empathetic to their situation. They are scared of the commitment! Not the dealership, the process, or even you; the commitment. Being committed to something that requires courage, decision making, belief, and a little faith. Your customer WANTS you to tell them it's ok." Use the link provided to read the rest of Mike's article and please leave him a comment...

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