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Friday, May 11, 2012

Tweak The Minors To Prevent The Majors -

Tweak The Minors To Prevent The Majors -

Marsh Buice writes: "Your luck didn’t end when you lost your lucky rabbit’s foot, as a matter fact, you were never lucky all. You simply got away from the 3 P’s: Processes, Percentages, and Production. One of the downsides to having success is a tendency to get away from the tiny tweaks, the fundamentals, which begin to build your cyclone of momentum. Because of your “experience” you subtly begin detour your Road To The Sale by skipping steps. As the days begin to blur from one day to the next, you no longer pay attention to your demo percentages, write-up percentages as well as your conversion ratios of sales to deliveries.  As a consequence of skipping your processes and not tweaking and making the necessary corrections to your daily percentages, your results of production “suddenly” die."  Use the link provided to read Marsh's article, get inspired and hopefully leave a comment for him...

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