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Monday, July 2, 2012

Litigation Still in Play - But Group 1 isn't...

Litigation Still in Play - But Group 1 isn't dropping its complaint. After Noe told Group 1 he would stop using the Rockwall Dodge search term, Group 1 asked for $25,000 and the removal of Randall Noe billboards in Rockwall Dodge's market area in exchange for settling the lawsuit, Noe said. He likened it to "Goliath trying to push the little guy around." "We basically said, 'We'll see you in court,' '' Noe said.
Group 1 declined to comment on settlement demands. The Noe lawsuit isn't Group 1's first...
Automotive News: Google Becomes Search Warfare Battleground - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
Search warfare: Google as battleground Group 1 sues when a rival hijacks its store's name Written by Amy Wilson and David Barkholz - source: Automotive News…
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