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Friday, August 31, 2012

Patrick Kelly at AutCon 2012; Motivational Session Targeted at Helping Dealers Increase Sales Close Ratios

Patrick Kelly at AutCon 2012; Motivational Session Targeted at Helping Dealers Increase Sales Close Ratios - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Patrick Kelly Heads General Session at AutCon2012; Motivational Sales Speech Targeted at Helping Auto Dealers Increase Sales Closing Percentages

Houston, TX — CAR-Research XRM, a single-source CRM solution uniquely branded as; “XRM, Exceeding CRM”, recently announced that President and COO Patrick Kelly, a much- in-demand featured speaker at automotive conferences nationwide, will head a general session at AutoCon2012. Kelly’s presentation will cover basic tips to help increase closing ratios and turn sales teams into top performers. It will be held at 2:00 pm on Friday, September 7.

Kelly’s session will be based upon his well known Sales Rallies. He will pull from current NADA statistics to demonstrate how to sell more cars, increase CSI and generate additional gross. The session promises to be a very motivational event and will show sales people/managers/dealers how to use available tools to generate more be-backs, repeats and referrals.

“Think about this math for a minute: If you have 100 fresh ups just 9% will close, according to statistics. That leaves 91 missed opportunities. 33% of those are willing to come back in if proper follow up is performed. That’s 30 be-back’s who will close at 67% according to NADA. That’s 20 car deals.

You just doubled your sales!

We must work daily ups to keep the customer base fresh. But we do more damage to the long-term health of the dealership and to individual sales careers when we neglect to continue important relationships with customers and fail to ask them for referral business. I hope dealers will join me at AutoCon2012 to learn more about these missed opportunities and how to capture them,” said Kelly.

Kelly’s hands-on presentation will detail the steps necessary to pattern any dealership management team after the greatest coaches that ever lived, and why these tools will transform that team into a championship level competitor. Attendees will learn:
  1. How to identify and implement the basic processes that were used by the greatest coaches of all time, which must be put into place before any sales organization will be able to transform from mediocrity to greatness. How not to settle for ‘best of the worst’ or ‘worst of the best’ and truly put any team on the path to greatness.
  2. How to create a culture of process and accountability in a dealership, and get buy in from staff to ‘want’ to create this culture, because they cannot imagine going back to doing business the way they used to.
  3. How to create 60 percent closing percentages instead of the average 18 percent that many dealerships accept.
  4. How to teach any sales person to become their own marketing director, and why business development from within is so vital in the success formula in today’s automotive environment.

Patrick Kelly is a 33-year veteran in the auto business. He started his career selling cars in Texas in 1979 and worked his way up to director of finance for Sterling McCall Toyota, the second largest Toyota dealership in the US at the time. Kelly was hired as a district manager for Gulf States Toyota Financial Services (GSFS) and from there moved on to become a general manager for various dealer groups for 14 years. Kelly is a sought-after motivational speaker for events across North America. With humbling and humorous anecdotes about his 3 decades in the car business, he motivates salespeople, managers and dealers to achieve success using proven techniques while taking advantage of cutting-edge technology.

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