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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dealers: Sell Your Accessories Online! - Automotive Digital Marketing

Dealers: Sell Your Accessories Online! - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

How To Sell Vehicle Accessories On The Web
Customers come into your dealership all the time to buy cars as well as get their current vehicles serviced. Some also come back to buy accessories for vehicles, such as tires, parts, and customization items such as body kits and aftermarket headlights. Your Parts department loves to see these customers and help them develop an identity for their vehicles. However, what if you could allow them to do the same thing online?

Dealerships need a system of selling accessories online that can integrate seamlessly with the sale of their vehicles. Salespeople also need to be able to present such a system to prospective customers. There’s an innovative way to do this – through your Facebook page! That’s right. Selling tires and accessories provide a good revenue stream for dealers, and any way to increase this should be explored.

Multichoice Apps brings the e-commerce to your customers through your Facebook fan page.  As developers that understand technology, marketing, and your customers – we have created a great system through which customers can go to your Facebook page and view accessories such as tires and parts. They can then order these parts and pick them up when they come in for other services. This allows you to double the revenue stream by earning money from providing maintenance services while also allowing people to pick up accessories without being pressured into an impulse buy. If they can view and order it beforehand, they feel better about the purchase. Your customers can also click the Like button and this will be seen by their friends and family on Facebook, which will also give them the chance to view your online store and make a purchase.

Check Butler Toyota Scion in Macon, Georgia for example. Butler Toyota sells many accessories at their dealership, but they have realized that many of their customers are not aware that they can do the same thing online. That’s right – customers can now go to Butler Toyota’s Facebook page or and order the same accessories that they can get from the dealership.

You can now view their inventory vehicles and accessories, and order them right away from Customer can then come down to the dealership and pick up their order while also getting additional services such as oil changes or tune-ups. This allows customers to obtain parts and accessories without feeling as if they will be pressured into a sale, and even though dealership’s Sales team doesn’t use pressure tactics to force products and services upon their customers, they like for them to be comfortable and purchase items at their own pace.

Facebook page also allows customers to click the Like button for specific parts and accessories that they like. This makes it possible for their Facebook friends and family members to see these products, which will lead them to view the items and either purchase similar parts or other accessories that they may come across. Now everyone will know about their great experience with Butler Toyota’s Facebook page and!

The technology is here – you just have to reach out and use it. If you’re ready to take your dealership and Facebook page to the next level, reach out to Multichoice Apps and let us start on your store today!

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  1. Don't forget you can also have an accessory sales system that has a vehicle configuration that allows customers to play! Adding an accessories link to your dealerships websites allows the customer to access it from home. When the come into the dealership they already know what they want. for a demo visit


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