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Friday, September 14, 2012

WHAT IS INTERNET SALES 20 GROUP? Automotive Digital Marketing Professionals

Chicago October 23-25: WHAT IS INTERNET SALES 20 GROUP? - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community


A typical "20 group" is structured for Dealer Principals and General Managers to meet and discuss some ideas and techniques for success. Most "20 Groups" are brand specific to a manufacturer or franchise. Dealers from the same OEMs would get together and compare numbers, discuss incentives, MPA's and see where they rank among others in their franchise. "20 groups" are a great way to network, and keep in touch with other dealers across the country and especially help each other grow, evolve their dealerships to maximum potential. “20 groups” are about “Synergy” bottom line.

Our CEO, Sean V. Bradley and Dealer Synergy are very proud to launch the first and only "Internet Sales" specific 20 group. Sean V. Bradley has been in the Automotive Internet Sales and Business Development arena for over thirteen and half years. Sean V. Bradley is a pioneer in Automotive Internet Sales, Business Development and Digital Marketing. As one of the Automotive industry’s leading subject matter experts he has written for over 13 national publications, has a column in AutoSuccess Magazine and is currently finalizing his first book on Automotive Digital Marketing (To be released at NADA 2013). Sean has spoken to over 75 NADA and NCM dealer 20 groups in the last couple of years. Sean has been an expert speaker for every relevant conference in the Automotive Industry like the JD Power and Associates Internet Round Table, The Digital Dealer Conference as a “General Assembly Speaker” and of course as an official NADA convention speaker 3 years in a row. All of Sean V. Bradley’s workshops sell out and / or result in a standing room only scenario. Both at Digital Dealer and NADA, Sean’s workshops would be overflowing with attendees and the convention had to get a bigger room!

The Internet Sales 20 Group is influenced by the traditional 20 group model from organizations like NADA and NCM, it will include benchmarking and composites. There will be a back end Technology (Content Management) system, Internet Sales 20 Group Social Media Component And much more… “Internet Sales 20 Group” is the next evolution in 20 groups.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Internet Sales 20 Group is that members will be able to access theInternet Sales Composite. This is a very important tool that will show a Dealer Principal or GM exactly what their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (S.W.O.T.) are. Furthermore, not only is the Internet Sales Composite a great S.W.O.T. tool for you and your organization for real time analysis but the best part is that you can see where you compare / “stack up” against other members of the Internet Sales 20 Group. You will be able to see if you are “Above” or “Below” 20 Group standards. To ensure that we built the absolute most powerful Internet Sales Composite Sean V. Bradley took his almost 14 years of Automotive Internet Sales, BDC and Digital Marketing experience as well as recruited both current and former NADA and NCM moderators as well as a nationally recognized Dealer Principal, Bill Finocchiaro. Bill is the President of Peruzzi Toyota and has been featured in numerous industry magazines and even was on the cover of Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine for taking his dealership’s Internet Sales from 35 units per month to over 120 units per month! Sean took all of this experience, ideas, knowledge and passion and created the Internet Sales Composite.

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Ralph Paglia will be speaking at and participating in this event being held in Chicago from October 23rd to the 25th... If you were not able to attend AutoCon 2012, this is a great opportunity to acquire the information, insight and inspiration needed to drive major improvements to your dealership's online marketing and sales capabilities. Be sure to register ASAP because seating is very limited and only the best dealers and thought leaders will be allowed to participate.

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