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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BMW Marketing Communications: New Mobile Apps for BMW Dealership Employees - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

BMW Marketing Communications: New Mobile Apps for BMW Dealership Employees - Automotive Marketing

Latest BMW Marketing Communications: New Mobile Apps for BMW Dealership Employees 

BMW ActiveHybrid drivers speak up...
BMW News
People are excited about the stylish and efficient BMW ActiveHybrid 3, 5 and 7 Series. If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, be sure to watch the videos from drivers just like you.
Efficient Dynamics
Table of Contents

» Driver’s Guide Mobile App
» Ultimate App 
» USAA Incentive
» M Racing 


If you’re a proud owner of a BMW SAV®, then the mobile app — BMW Driver’s Guide – is perfect for you. It gives you easy access to the owner’s manual, model-specific information and more. So you’ll have everything you need, right at your fingertips.

» DOWNLOAD (Android)


Discover and share the best roads to drive. Schedule a test drive at your local BMW center. Available for Apple® devices, Android phones, and on Facebook. Existing BMW Financial Services customers can receive up to $700 toward a new BMW financed through BMW Financial Services.

» DOWNLOAD (Android)


Free and open to the public, the BMW i. BORN ELECTRIC TOUR. is your chance to experience firsthand how BMW i is redefining the future of both mobility and sustainability. See the BMW i3 Concept and the BMW i8 Concept Spyder vehicles on display.



Our military has dedicated their service to us, and now, we want to give back to them. As a part of our relationship with USAA, eligible USAA members and their families can now get an exclusive savings of up to $6,000



With everything from T-shirts and hats to watches and ties, it’s easy to show off the M lifestyle anywhere you go. The complete M collection of apparel and accessories is full of must-have items for the true M enthusiast.



» Lease + Finance Offers

» Build Your Own

» Test Drive

» BMW Ultimate Service®


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rumors About Reynolds and Reynolds Being Sold To... Automotive Digital Marketing Professionals

Rumors About Reynolds and Reynolds Being Sold To... - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

OK... Here is an idea that a little birdie shared with me on Tuesday, and which I am now going to run with based on my own insight and imagination: 
Imagine if the upper management team at Reynolds and Reynolds teamed up to approach all these various sources of private equity, financing and credit assistance to make a case for a management led "employee buyout" of the Reynolds and Reynolds Company of Dayton, Ohio.  

OK, maybe as a former loyal and fiercely proud Reynolds Associate, this is too much like one of those pipe dreams that employees often come up with, but it has happened before and consider this: With an ego and sense of self importance the size of King Kong on steroids, Ron Lamb is most likely NOT going to want to see his company purchased by outsiders who may not share his own grandiose perception of his leadership value as President of Reynolds and Reynolds...

Besides, Ron Lamb attended one of those East Coast Ivy League universities known for its skull and dagger secret societies and connections that benefit its student graduates for their entire lifetime.  I can definitely envision Ron Lamb putting some sort of deal together for a management led buyout that leverages all the financial resources that have been lined up as reported by Reuters.

Either that, or... Aaron Bickart buys Reynolds and puts it on his Unlimited Credit Line Amex card and rides into Dayton to blow Ron Lamb's ass right out of his cushy desk chair on Mahogany Row in Research Park!

Ralph Paglia on Stage in Las Vegas

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Time For the Retail Automotive Community to Rise Up and Give CarFax a TrueCar Quality Thumping - Automotive

It's Time For the Retail Automotive Community to Rise Up and Give CarFax a TrueCar Quality Thumping - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Enough is enough!
Haven't you had it with all of these Data Pirates using our own customer information to defame us, lower our profits, alienate our customers... while at the same time they charge us through the nose to do us harm? 

Among the worst of them in my opinion is CarFax. They even believe they have the right to price our cars and trades.... too low of course. While at the same time CarFax exploits negative stereotypes that we are crooks in every commercial the Little Car Fox Rats out the dishonest bumbling and inept idiot car sales person. They charge us to defame us. 

read this article we just published in Wards Auto Magazine... "My latest article is out and it's hot.  

We have manufacturers supporting these people and requiring we do business with them. Let's get mobilized and scream at out factory representatives, reprint this article for your dealers, do press releases, and generally alert your State Dealer Associations and 20-groups. 
If a consumer asks for the CarFax, tell them it's $25.00. Whoever told you it was free was lying.
I am available to perform 20-group and Dealer Association Keynote Speeches on this subject. As of right now, I am calling out the Tribe to get on this subject. JIM

Grant Cardone Tweets I Suffer From This Condition

12 Surprising Signs You Could Be an Entrepreneur
By Grant Cardone|11 hours ago

image credit: Shutterstock
Almost every article ever written about entrepreneurship suggests that it's not for everyone. And yet the articles go on to list attributes that many successful people possess as the traits commonly associated with great entrepreneurs, such as a strong work ethic, persistence, persuasiveness and discipline.

For 25 years, I have studied entrepreneurs and discovered that what contributed to their incredible success was not what society typically considers assets. People like John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford and Oprah Winfrey didn't achieve greatness by possessing the traits and following the narrow path recommended by management gurus.

So, don't believe everything others say about you or how they label you. Maybe your supposed liabilities are really your assets. Here are 12 signs many people might consider a liability, but which can actually be indications that you are meant to be an entrepreneur.

1. Hate the Status Quo – It doesn't make sense to you that something has been done the time-honored way with no explanation why. You are not someone who wants to just go through the motions or sit by idly. Nor do you like following the pack.

2. Easily Bored - You find yourself easily bored, and others start viewing you as a problem. But nothing is wrong with you except that you are bored with activities that aren't up to your abilities and aren't challenging. That's why you hated most of the classes you ever attended. Think Bill Gates who dropped out of college to become one of the richest men in the world.

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3. Fired from Jobs – You're too creative for your own good when it comes to working for others, and you may have some history, as I do, of losing jobs. Being just a cog in wheel is very difficult for you because you want to create something others can be inspired by and contribute to.

4. Labeled a Rebel - You know that greatness resides outside the lines of conformity and don't think that policies, laws and regulations apply to you. You have been described as a rebel and rule breaker and would defy gravity if you could.

5. Resist Authority - You have a lifelong record of resisting authority from your parents, teachers and bosses. You don't go along with the agreed upon norms of the group or community you work and live in.

6. Ready to Improve Everything - You always see how you could do things better. In addition, you are opinionated and freely give your two-cents about your better way of doing things--even when you're not asked.

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7. Bad at Making Small Talk - You have difficulty making the kind of small talk that so many people get comfort from. This social pattern of relationship and rapport building seems like a waste of time to you and makes you uncomfortable.

8. Bullied in Your Youth - You may have been heavily criticized, picked on and even bullied as a child or teenager. This has caused you to be driven to excel and to prove to the world that you are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

9. Obsessive - You may have been labeled obsessive/compulsive because when you get started on something you have difficulty letting go. Don't let anyone convince you that this is a disease or deficiency. All of the great entrepreneurs become completely immersed in their vision. Howard Schultz stuck with Starbucks even when his family tried to persuade him not to.

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10. Scared to Go Solo - The entrepreneur in you is scared of going out on your own—and also terrified of not doing so. This fear is so common in our society because we've been conditioned to think that entrepreneurship is much riskier than getting a "good job." The reality is there is instability in both.

11. Unable to Unwind - You can't go to sleep at night because you can't turn your thoughts off. An idea may even manifest itself in your dreams. The next morning you find yourself still consumed with that idea, distracting you from the job you're supposed to be doing.

12. Don't Fit the Norm - You have always been a bit uncomfortable in your own skin. Until you get used to the idea that you are in fact different from most people, it could prove to be a problem--or exactly the motivation you need to acknowledge the entrepreneur screaming to get out.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can’t Hear, Can’t See, Can’t Speak-Can’t Fail! -

Can’t Hear, Can’t See, Can’t Speak-Can’t Fail! -

Can’t Hear, Can’t See, Can’t Speak-Can’t Fail!

If you put 50 salespeople in a room, we could go on for hours sharing stories of the worst customers we’ve ever encountered. These stories range from the cheapskate multi-millionaire, you know, the guy who owns half the town, yet blew out because he had to pay the Doc Fee, to the customer who brought his 3rd cousin-twice removed attorney as backup to return the car quoting the, I have 72 hours to return it statute. We’ve had customers burn off, jump up, holler, throw up, and demand to “see the man” and just when we think we’ve seen it all...

We love the thrill of excitement; there are very few industries, where one has so many unique experiences day in and day out. To put it mildly, every day on the blacktop is truly an adventure. Although we can resurrect legendary, campfire stories of customer run-ins, we’ve yet to talk about the worst customer we’ve ever encountered-that customer is you. Let’s be honest, as salespeople, we are our worst customers. What we hear determines what we see; what is seen becomes spoken and what is spoken is manifested into results. If you aren’t achieving what you once did, it’s because you are hearing, seeing, and speaking your way to failure.

  • Can’t Hear? Do you remember when you first hit the blacktop? You were a mixture of emotions-terrified of making a mistake yet optimistic of embarking on your new profession. Gone were the days of donning the orange apron, punching a clock and stocking paint cans; you were now a professional sales consultant. You didn’t care when you heard customers say, “Today is just an information day.” You weren’t concerned that your customer wanted to be $350 per month; you weren’t even standing in the huddle of salespeople playing the game, “Guess that ACV,“ waiting for a manager to bang on the glass forcing someone to grab the Up no one wants. Maya Angelou said, “I did then what I knew to do.” You didn’t know enough to be a danger to your career. In spite of your limited knowledge gained from 5 days of training, you did the best you could with what you had. You trumped your lack of experience by having energy, excitement, and optimism. You were too ignorant to be selective in which ups to catch-you caught them all; you were too naïve to ask a customer what they owed on their trade-you didn’t know what it was worth anyway; you were too dumb to ask where they wanted to be on their payment before lifting the first handle. In spite of your ignorance, you outsold most of the veteran salespeople-until now. Bewildered, you ask yourself, “What happened?” As if someone secretly injected you with the Cursed Virus, inoculating your success, you began to mentally implode. Your DNA didn’t change; you are still the same capable salesperson. The only thing different is you once listened, today you only hear. Hearing creates perception and perception is subjective. As a sales consultant, when you hear a customer’s objections, concerns, or fears, you are guilty of snapping to a perceived judgment of having a deal or not. Hearing causes a salesperson to shut down to the possibilities while listening causes one to open up and become attentive to addressing the concerns of his customer.
  • Can’t See? Helen Keller said, “It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.” We began our careers with rose-colored glasses; today we have traded them in for mirrored shades. We once envisioned the blacktop as the land of opportunity, yet today we’ve allowed ourselves to mirror and become consumed by the negativity that surrounds us each day. Like storms, your circumstances won’t last IF you keep moving. Lift your eyes from what you are presently seeing and instead envision your ideal outcome. The Bible says, “Where there is no vision, my people perish.” Don’t let a blown deal, rude customer, or rollback bury your month; instead treat dilemma as a pothole, a minor setback-a character building moment, toward your road to greatness. You’re a marathoner not a sprinter; think in terms of 26 days, not 26 minutes. During a midnight, blinding storm, pilots have to rely solely on their instruments because of their impaired vision- the same is true for you in sales. Read something positive-if it takes you 6 months to read a book, so be it; listen to something positive on your way to work; when a customer drives up envision yourself putting a 60 day tag in the vehicle you are selling them. In short, crowd out the negativity, loses, and resentment. Remember, yesterday ended last night. Feed the faith; starve the fear.
  • Can’t Speak? If God spoke the world, all of its glory and all of its magnificence, into existence; if the power of the tongue speaks either life or death, what are you speaking into your career? The most courageous person is the one who speaks his vision in spite of what he sees. I know you just did your best walk-around on a customer who couldn’t finance a light bulb; I remember you pleaded with your manager to dehorse your lawsuit settlement customers for the evening, even though they didn’t have insurance-blowing your only chance of saving your month; I’ve seen the times you were the first to arrive and last to leave and you still didn’t sell a car. Nothing fuels success or failure more than the spoken word. Even when you don’t feel like it, even though what you are doing does not seem to be working-don’t, under any circumstances speak anything negative. When you fail, don’t rehash it with the other salespeople- believe me, they are glad you didn’t make the deal. Don’t tell the service cashier, what just happened, she doesn’t care either, she’s just using you for a smoke break.  You work in an industry where you have over-whelming odds of failing-no need to add fuel to the fire with your mouth. Show me the clip of Muhammad Ali, or any other athlete for that matter, affirming his doubts and fears aloud.  Good or bad, what you speak manifests results.

We are all “Owner Financed;” the most expensive property you possess is that double-fisted trophy encased in your skull called your brain. What you choose to think, speak, and act upon is like putting a sign on your brain saying, For Sale By Owner- don’t be so cheap. Become deaf to negativity, dumb to your perceptions, and blind to your circumstances. Listen to your purpose, envision your success, speak to your mountains, and deposit your greatness.

I’ll see you next time on the blacktop!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sean Bradley Coaches Dealers on Building Action Plans - Internet Sales 20 Group: Day 3

Sean Bradley went table to table with dozens of dealers to coach them on creating step by step detailed Action Plans at the Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago on Day 3

Dealers Completing Detailed Action Plans at end of 3 Day Workshop: Automotive Internet Sales 20 Group

On Thursday, day 3 of the Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago, Sean Bradley facilitated an intense planning session where each dealer creates a detailed Action Plan.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ashok and Annu Dilawri, Dealer Principals of The Dilawri Auto Group in Canada renew marriage vows at Rick Case Honda in Davie, FL

Ashok and Annu Dilawri, Dealer Principals of The Dilawri Auto Group in Canada renew marriage vows at Rick Case Honda in Davie, FL - See:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Robert Wiesman "Your Hyundai Guy" and Ralph Paglia enjoy Carnivale after Internet Sales 20 Group

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Google Analytics For Car Dealers Part Four - Automotive Digital Marketing

Google Analytics For Car Dealers Part Four - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

If you have been following this series on Google Analytics for Car Dealers, this is the fourth article in the series.  The previous articles can be found on the below links:

Today I will be discussing the setup of Multi-Channel Sales Funnels, and if you have done your homework from sessions 1-3, you will have goals setup and data already being collected.  Multi-Channel Sales Funnels (MCSF) can only work if goals are created and enough time has passed that the collected data represents a large enough sample to see trends.

For most dealers, you will need to collect data for at least 60 days to start to see some real patterns, however data after 30 days will start to be of interest if you are impatient.

Viewing High Level Conversion Influences

Under the Google Analytics menu choice labeled "Conversions" you can click on the "Assisted Conversions" menu choice shown in boldface on the right, to display the "default" and very primitive chart that shows which sources influenced or assisted a conversion.

I call the report below "primitive" because it does not show the referral sources that dealers commonly want to track.  Those sources include,, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The default report of which websites influenced a conversion is really not helpful and thus we need to create a custom report.   I will show you today how to create a custom report for assisted conversions.

Custom Channels Show Assisted Conversion Partners

If you really want to see which digital partners are assisting your sales and marketing efforts, you have to create custom channel groupings.  When you setup custom channels, you can see how your reports can be tailored to show all your marketing partners for an automotive dealership:

The report shown above uses custom channel grouping to identify the specific vendors you want to track.  Setting up custom channels (vendors to track) is very easy and will take only a few minutes to complete.  If you follow the steps outlined below, Google Analytics will start tracking data based on these channels.

When the custom channels are created, Google DOES NOT show historical data so just because you create a custom channel from, the last 30 days worth of traffic is not automatically segmented for That is why dealers will need to wait 30-60 days to have enough data to start seeing patterns of influence.

As I stated in Part Three of this series, the total influence of your marketing partners can only be seen using enterprise analytics, which today is not available for the general public.   Consumers who visit or and locate a car they like and open a new browser window to confirm that the car is still on the dealership site, Google Analytics and MCSF will not attribute influence to that classified marketing partner.

Viewing The Basic Channel Group

The first step is to create a new "list" of your custom channels, which can be accessed by clicking on the menu choice called "Top Conversion Paths" as shown in red below. This a file that contains your marketing partner's website addresses to track.
Google calls this list a "Channel Grouping" and the basic list is called the "Basic Channel Grouping" shown in green below.  To create your own channel grouping, simply open the menu shown in orange below. Once you create the list, you can add as many custom channels that you want.

Creating Your Custom Channel Grouping

When you click on the Channel Grouping Menu, shown in orange above, you will need to click on the menu choice that is titled "Copy Basic Channel Grouping Template", shown on the right.
You will notice that on my menu I have an option called PCG-MCSF because that is what I titled my custom list to use for this demo.  You will be able to name the file anything you want, or just follow me and name it the same way I did.
We are copying the Basic Channel Grouping so we can enhance what Google has rather than starting from scratch. When you click on the menu choice shown, the below screen will appear.   At the top of the page you have a box to name your Channel Grouping, (orange arrow) so do that now.  Use your own name or the name "PCG-MCSF".
You will also see that there is a button to create new channels (red arrow) and a button to save your list at the bottom of the page.  DO NOT forget to save your list periodically when you are working.   Once you save your list, to go back and edit the list, drop down the menu (as shown above) and click on the "edit" menu choice.

How To Add A New Rule (Channel)

So, let's add a new channel (aka rule) to your custom channel grouping.   For this example, we will add a rule for Kelly Blue Book using their website Be forewarned that the FIRST time you create a rule it may seem "odd" how the "syntax" of the rule looks, but just trust me, it works.
There are many ways to identify a channel that you want to track, and you will see that there is a list of choices to build the rule to look at the Google Analytics data.
Start by naming your channel in the box shown by the orange arrow below.
Next, we need to select something from the green box. For our purpose, we are using a basic "source" match, so find that choice in the drop down list identified by the red arrow.  Scroll down the choices in alphabetical order and click on the choice called "Source" as shown by the green arrow.

The next step is to select the matching criteria, and as you can see below you have a few choices. You will select Matching Regular Expression, as shown by the orange arrow below:

You will see that the name of the rule is "Kelly Blue Book" and the "Source" menu choice has been selected.  I also clicked on the light blue colored box at the bottom of the screen to color this channel blue.  The only thing left to do is to put in the website address to match.  However, we want to use a special syntax to be able to match any combination of website referrals from Kelly Blue Book.

Regular Expressions

I'm not going to go into why the syntax MUST be typed this way, so just trust me on it.  However, if you are interested to learn a deeper explanation on this rule just Google "Matching Regular Expressions". In any case keep in mind that any website follows the same patter, so here are the codes for a few of the popular dealership partners that you can copy and paste into these rules.

  • ^(.*\.)?facebook\.com$
  • ^(.*\.)?twitter\.com$
  • ^(.*\.)?edmunds\.com$
  • ^(.*\.)?cars\.com$
  • ^(.*\.)?autotrader\.com$
  • ^(.*\.)?kbb\.com$
  • ^(.*\.)?youtube\.com$
  • ^(.*\.)?craigslist\.org$

The pattern is simple.  Just be careful that if the site is a .NET or .ORG domain, like Craigslist in the last example above, you have to make sure you add the correct domain extension.
So, when you are done, with pasting in the regular express, click on "Save Rule".  You will do this for every channel you want to track and then YOU MUST CLICK on "Save and Apply" at the bottom of the page or your work will not be saved.
When you are done adding your marketing partners, the list could look something like what is shown below.  Keep in mind that this list had over 16 rules, and this is just what was shown on the first page.

Changing The Default Order Of Rules

The only "caveat" is that after you are done adding your custom channels, drag the Social Media and Referral Channels that Google created to the bottom of your list.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.
You can click on any rule's anchor box, shown by the red arrow on the right, and drag the rule to any position.  Why?

So if you have a "catch-all" rule for social media, and it comes FIRST in the list, you will never have any matches for your Facebook and Twitter rules that you created.
So is the case with the Referral Rule, if it comes first, all your referral sites like Autotrader,, etc will not be tracked.  Soooooo, don't forget that these two rules should be in the last two positions.

Checking On Your Multi Channel Sales Funnels Rules

Congratulations, you have now setup Multi-Channel Sales Funnels for your automotive dealership.  I know this was a long article but it was necessary to document all the steps so you did not get lost.  Once your custom channel is created, Google will start collecting data.
To see if your setup is working, you can go back to "Top Conversion Paths" in a week and see if your channels are working.  There is ONE TRICK, however that you must know.  Just because you created a Custom Channel, Google DOES NOT display your custom channel by default.  That's correct, you have to select to display your custom channel.
So to select your custom channel, click on the "Channel Groups" menu and click on the name of your custom channel.  DO NOT click on the EDIT function, just click on the name.  When you do that, you channel will become the primary dimension and your custom rules should be showing.

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If you found this article helpful, please share it with your social networks on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and of course leave me feedback in the comments area below.    These articles take time to prepare and your comments and social sharing tells me to keep going with the series.

I hope to see everyone this year at the 2013 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference, February 5-7th just two days prior to the 2013 NADA Convention in Orlando. Get access to over 30 of the best strategies for car dealers to increase success in 2013.

Brian Pasch, CEO
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