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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Putting Search and Social in their Place Below Content - Automotive Content Marketing

Putting Search and Social in their Place Below Content - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

I would like to personally thank J.D. Rucker for making the point in his article that Content merits higher priority than "Tricks and Techniques" whose primary purpose is manipulation of SERP rank for website listings... For many years, as you know, I have lashed out at the prioritization of SEO "game the system" emphasis above that of creating and publishing good relevant content. I have repeatedly stated on stage, in articles and during one on one meetings with dealers that great Search Engine Marketing (including SEO) results should be an indirect effect caused by a substantial and relevant content creation, publishing and distribution system that leverages multiple digital channels.
What has been happening all too often is that Car Dealers and their marketing service providers have looked at marketing as if it was a bicycle with a rider peddling the bike down a road... Asking; "How do we get the bike to go faster?" Then, instead of focusing on the rider's ability to peddle faster, we have been trying to put a stick in between the spokes and drive the wheels at a faster rate... Then when we break a few spokes, such as when a dealership's website provider generates 269,000 indexed web pages, 99% of which are duplicated content, causing Google to push the dealer's primary website back to the SERP Page #11 when searching for that dealer by name, we cry foul! (there is a foul all right, but it is the smell of someone's idea to trick 5,000+ Google engineers with such silly nonsense!) 
Next Related Issue: I would like to point something out that has been a stunning realization when so people in dealerships and at social media service providers say to me "But Ralph, that is not scalable .." or "You gotta be kidding... That's too much work!"... What I am referring to is creating original content for a dealership rather than re-purposed content.  Too many dealers are investing budget and resources into a social media service provider who has published virtually the same content for dozens of other dealers before posting it on behalf of YOUR dealership (as if it were original)... Or, the dealer is put into a position of republishing press releases from their OEM brand, MotorTrend, Car and Driver or Road & Track vehicle road tests or some other republishing of something created for somebody else's business. Give me a break! It is simply not necessary and a false economy...
Any dealer or General Manager who lacks the ability, is too lazy, illiterate, unwilling to hire employees capable of writing a paragraph, or who does not have enough time to deal with creating ORIGINAL CONTENT can simply outsource their requests for original stories about their dealership, their local community, their people, customers, products, local charities or how Billy Bob hit 14 home runs in the last Little League game by opening up an account at . Then, for $.025 a word the dealership can get original, copyright registered and plagiarism checked articles written for them by writers with Master's Degrees, original content that THEY NOW OWN!  
Let's put this simple little value proposition into perspective; a 500 word article about the dealership's launching of a new QuickLube facility, featuring the benefits to local automotive consumers (with links and keywords used as specified), will cost $12.50 and the dealer owns exclusive rights to its use... Yup... ORIGINAL CONTENT!

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