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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Would Your Scent Logo Be? - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

What Would Your Scent Logo Be? - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

What Would Your Dealership's Scent Logo Be?

Neuromarketing is an interesting blog combining brain science and marketing.
A recent post discusses the growing trend of using scent logos: and not just by large companies, but by small and medium-sized companies. So what is a scent logo and could it work in your business?
An olfactory logo, also called scent branding, is a custom scent that the brand creates to embody its unique brand characteristics. Much like a graphic logo, the olfactory logo is used wherever the brand is present. After repeated exposures to the logo, customers strongly associate the smell with the brand.
For example, Abercrombie & Fitch disperses their signature fragrance, Fierce, in all of their stores. Fierce is strong, edgy and appeals to young, upscale consumers. Fierce is also sold as a personal fragrance and is the number one selling fragrance for men in the U.S. and Europe. Abercrombie & Fitch customers claim they can identify authentic A&F jeans solely by their smell.
Most of the major hotel chains also use a scent logo. For example, the Westin uses a cool and relaxing white tea fragrance, and the St. Regis uses an elegant blend of rose, sweet pea and pipe tobacco. If you’ve walked into the Mandalay Casino in Las Vegas, you’ll recognize an exotic floral, coconut spice scent; and other casinos each have their signature scent too.
So would this work in a dealership?
People are bombarded by an average of 5,000 marketing messages a day, and scent is a big differentiator. Smell creates a powerful emotional response and can boost brand identity as well as customer loyalty.
Here are a few ideas for incorporating an olfactory logo into your dealership marketing:
  1. Diffuse the scent throughout your dealership.
  2. Instead of selling hanging car scent trees with other odors, get trees made with your own signature scent and hang one in every car you service and sell.
  3. Include a scent strip on your postcard and brochure mailings to customers.
  4. Sell the scent in your dealership, or give it away free with purchase.

What do you think? Is it crazy, or could scent logos work in your dealership?

Think about the personality of your brand; is it relaxed or power charged?

Is your target market young, middle-aged or older?
Are they value or luxury buyers?

Are you a rural dealership, in the woods, or do you have a hip, urban location?

These characteristics can be matched with different fragrance elements to create a scent that embodies your brand characteristics.

So what would your scent logo be?

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