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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alleviate Car Dealer Social Block: 8 Content Ideas For Social Marketing From Garrett Payne

Alleviate Social Block: 8 Content Ideas For Social Media From Garrett Payne

Having a successful social media presence means generating content on a consistent basis so that you can engage with your fans and followers. But sometimes, you just can't think of anything to say. Nothing valuable is coming to your mind, and you feel as if you're stuck in a social media content rut.

So what do you do? You use these eight ideas to get the social media content flowing.

1. Ask Questions.
You don't always have to be the one providing valuable information to your followers. Instead, why not ask them a question. Use social media to get insight from your fans and followers. Ask them about their likes and dislikes. You may just find a ton of valuable feedback to help you make smarter business decisions in order to give your following what they want.

2. Highlight your Customers.
Share happy stories about how great your customers are and how they improve your business. For example, if you received a great comment from one of your customers, share the comment with a small line to let others know how this great comment made your company's day. When you show consumers how they help you, and when you take the time to show that you noticed, it goes a long way.

3. Fill in the Blanks.
Having a status update that asks your following to fill in the blanks is also another great way to earn comments and gain valuable feedback from your following. You can ask them something related to your company or just be completely random and fun.

4. Share other Content.
If you came across a brilliant blog or article that your following could easily benefit from, then share it. The content you provide to your following does not always have to revolve around your business or come directly from your business. Plus, if you share other writers' content, they'll start sharing yours.

5. Use Infographics.
Today, it's all about the infographic. Instead of writing a blog post on research you recently did, create an infographic and then share it via your blog and social media sites. Readers love infographics because it provides them with valuable content in an easy-to-read and more engaging format. Plus, infographics get shared more often, so this can help expand your reach.

6. Make a Video.
Grab your computer's camera and make a short two minute video discussing a topic, teaching customers how to do something, or even asking a question. Videos are extremely powerful and engaging, and short videos can be a great way to spruce up some content and give your following something new.

7. Share Photos.
Did you recently attend an event? Instead of tweeting about it all day, post some pictures. Your followers will enjoy the visuals, and you may end up building relationships with others who attended the same event.

8. Create a Poll.
Facebook allows you to create a poll for your fans. This is another great way to receive feedback from your followers. Note that you have the option of allowing your followers to add in their own polling answers, or you can close it so that only your answers are the possible choices.
There are plenty of ways that you can generate some great social media content. Whenever you're experiencing some social content block, be sure to use one of these tactics to help get your creativity flowing.


About The Author

Garrett Payne is an avid writer who loves blogging and social media. He knows the importance of good grammar and always uses a grammar tool when proofreading his work.

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