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Friday, February 8, 2013

Old School and New School Connect at DMSC: Ralph Paglia and Eric Nichols

Wednesday night at DMSC I had the honor of hanging with several people who had either won scholarships to the #DMSC event or were fairly new to the digital marketing side of the business. I realized at one point that I am about 25 years more experienced (OK... Old!) than many of these "new school" #AutoMarketers and started asking a few questions.  In this pic I am sitting next to Eric Nichols of Apple Honda and discussing some of the stuff he is doing at the dealership and with his BDC.  I couldn't be more pleased and enthusiastic about this newest generation of professionals making their mark on the auto industry. As long as we have people like Eric, Stacy, Mario Murgado Jr. and others I met at DMSC the car biz is headed in the right direction.  So, to all you 20 and 30 something's out there learning, working, fighting to have your voices heard, budgets allocated, conference attendance approved, credit for the deals your efforts brought into the dealership... I salute you! I cannot imagine a better mix of new and future leaders to ensure the vitality and economic contribution provided by the auto Industry to American culture and our economy. What a great bunch of people all you newbies are! (Newbie = <10 years in biz). 

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