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Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Time Saving Tools for Automotive Marketers

5 Time Saving SEO Tools You Should Be Using In Your Automotive Marketing Campaigns

As automotive marketers, we live in a world where we're always bombarded by things that demand our time. Dealers, marketing directors, general managers, new techniques, getting familiar with the latest social network, or the work itself. Obviously there's nothing we can do about most of that, but what we can do is make certain processes easier and work for us.


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For anyone who creates automotive content on a regular basis, Zemanta can be a lifesaver. The system offers up auto industry and vehicle content that is relevant to the post/page that you're in the middle of creating. Images, text links, tags, and related articles are all types of content that can be added to posts to dress them up and make them more user friendly, and ultimately, make your content more enjoyable.

As if having free, easily insertable content wasn't enough, Zemanta is designed to "share the wealth" between bloggers. This means that just as you are linking to someone's post through an image or related article, they (or anyone) can do the same by adding images or lining to related articles in their post.

These 2 major factors make Zemanta a huge time saver. The more content you create, the more time you can save when creating posts and link building.


Boomerang for Gmail

How many times have you had to follow up with a link prospect because they haven't got around to your email? Plenty of times no doubt. This is precisely a type of scenario that Boomerang was built to handle.

Boomerang is basically an email reminder and scheduler wrapped up into one. It allows you to schedule emails to be sent at certain times, and also to send a reminder to you if an email you sent previously isn't responded to. For link building and outreach this is a huge time saver.


Ontolo Tool-Screenshot

Experienced link builders know exactly how frustrating it can be doing repetitive tasks. Just about the whole process is a repetitive task. Luckily, Ontolo saves the day when it comes to perhaps the biggest time suck in the cycle – prospecting.

Ontolo is a link prospecting tool that not only is ridiculously robust, but also delivers daily prospecting results based on your custom campaign settings. You choose what type of link you want (guest post, directory, etc), and what kind of queries to use, and Ontolo goes to town getting prospects for you. There's no doubt about the time saving ability that Ontolo possesses.


Hootsuite Tool Dashboard

Even if you don't use HootSuite, you'll likely have to use one of it's competitors. With new have-to-be-on-because-that's-where-your-customers-are networks popping up every year, you have to be able to keep up with their activity by having a steady and meaningful brand presence on each one.

With HootSuite, the ability to post to several different networks, schedule updates, and even track social analytics, makes it a for sure winner in the time saving column.



If any of your time goes towards managing local SEO campaigns,Whitespark can be a lifesaver. Their Local Citation Finder, and Citation Building Submission Service are invaluable. The citation finder prospects the most valuable places for you business, including factors such as Majestic AC Rank and SEOmoz's Domain Authority so that you can prioritize which prospects should be targeted.

On the other hand, you can also get WhiteSpark to build the citations for you. This service allows you to choose from general and niche citation locations. General citation sources are $4 each, and niche are $5 each. Well worth it in my opinion. They also have custom options like rush orders, bulk ordering, and slow "drip" campaigns that spread your citation building out over time.

Edited from article written by Jared Carrizales

Jared is co-founder of Heroic Search and creator of Content Keen. In his free time he enjoys coffee, playing tennis, a good glass of wine, and spending time with his 5 year old.

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