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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Promote Your Live Chat Feature and They Will Come - Dealer Website Marketing

Promote Your Live Chat Feature and They Will Come - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Promote Your Live Chat Feature and They Will Come

We've already emphasized that at least 57% of your customers are looking to chat while online shopping. Now we need to discuss how to get those customers to your website in order to use your live chat feature.
I recently did a Google search and found that when I entered:
“Honda dealership in Florida with live chat”
I was brought to a ton of different links from a third-party site, however if I Googled: 
“Honda dealership in Florida”
I was brought straight to several main dealership websites. Some of them had a live chat feature, while others did not.
In doing so, I learned that if you have live chat, the reason your website isn't getting all the traffic you are hoping for may be because you are not promoting that you have a live chat feature!
Third-party sites are marketing this feature EVERYWHERE, which tells Google to direct your potential customers to a third-party site first, instead of your own website.
The Live Chat feature can give you a tremendous advantage if you market it properly!

Where should you be promoting that you have Live Chat?
  • Your Contact Us page
  • TV Advertisements
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Emails
  • Any content you write - Blogs, Forums, Videos
  • Social Media sites

Marketing your live chat feature as much as you can will put your dealership in the top search results for those customers looking to chat. The 57% of customers who want to be helped by a live chat representative, or the 83% who need some kind of support, will be thankful that your dealership was easy to find and that you have the help they are looking for when shopping online. 

The more customers who know you have Live Chat, the better the feature is going to work for your dealership!

Make a direct connection between your website and your customers who are looking to chat, and cut out the search-competition that third-party sites are taking advantage of with their marketing strategy. 

Remember, your dealership website has the power to transform your Internet sales. Make sure your website promotes the use of your live chat feature to encourage online shoppers to get their questions answered RIGHT AWAY!

Do you have a marketing strategy for how you use your Live Chat feature? Post your comments below, and you can also download our FREE ebook, 7 Reasons Live Chat Failsby clicking here.

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