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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vizify: Create Infographic Illustrating Your Twitter Connections

Vizify is one of those social media connections visualization apps which analyzes your twitter connections based on various types of engagement... The Infographic generated by the app shows your inner circle and extended connections via your Twitter profile... I can't seem to resist these types of apps and they generate plenty of engagement from those shown when you share the graphic.

Ralph Paglia's inner circle on Twitter visualized: See if you're on there, then map your own with Vizify's connections tool.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are Vendors Selling Car Dealer Customer Data for Big Cash?

Do You Know Many Vendors YOUR DEALERSHIP Is Paying Who Are Selling DMS Customer Data to Other Vendors for Cash?

Jim Ziegler writes: "Isn't it amazing how all these cockroaches scatter when you turn on the lights? For years I've been writing and blogging about this pack of self-righteous criminals pilfering through the dealers' data and stealing your customer information to resell and abuse. They called me every name in the book and slandered me. NOW, all of a sudden we're seeing multiple proofs and suspicions spotlighting the blatant criminal activity and suspected activities of these shady vendors disguised as alleged dealer partners."
In this article published on the ADM Professional Community, Jim Ziegler goes on to state: "It's time to intensify the hunt and flush out all of them. Not singling out any specific vendor here BUT aren't we all getting a little sick and tired of Technology Pirates stealing your business while you pay them to lower your profits and defame your good name while all the while they are selling your customer information to other vendors and ultimately selling your customers to the competition?"

Thursday, November 21, 2013

ADM Members invited to the 3rd Annual Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

ADM Members invited to the 3rd Annual Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC) - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Brian Pasch says he is so pleased to have been asked by First Class Educators to put together a series of VIP wine events for the 3rd Annual Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC).  Brian has been collecting California wine for over 30 years and has developed very strong relationships with some of the finest winemakers in the valley.

Brian also states that he is using his connections to create a series of very special, small wine and food tasting events that are associated with DMSC.  He will also be helping FCE plan the wine bus tours that attendees can participate in on Sunday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon.

The conference officially starts on Sunday March 16th with an evening cocktail reception with very special winemaker friends.  If you want to review the official conference schedule, view the event PDF:  2014 DMSC Agenda

One of the BIG changes this year is that the conference will be more intimate; only three workshops sessions will be running concurrently.  Only the very best workshops will be selected and only the best speakers will be facilitating these workshops.

Josh Vajda Video Explains Three Credit Trends To Help Car Dealers Sell More Cars

Three Credit Trends To Help Sell Dealers More Cars by Josh Vajda - Automotive Professional

USE LINK TO WATCH VIDEO - Josh Vajda has seriously effective tips and best practice recommendations for car dealers and automotive professionals in all his car biz Videos, and this one is no exception!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Google’s ‘Not Provided’ is a Real Pain in the SEO!

Is Google’s ‘Not Provided’ a Real Pain in the SEO? - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Chris Cunningham writes: "Google Webmaster Tools data, insights from your advertising efforts as well as website traffic data such as page entries that remain unchanged by Secured Search, can be used as actionable website analytics. A combination of this available data can still tell a useful story about the organic performance of your website. "

“The landscape has changed” is not just the cliché of the month, but the truth. Likewise, your approach to analytics will need to change. Instead of looking directly at keyword rankings and traffic, you will need to get creative in order to show the importance of your website and SEO strategies.

My Car Dealership took over Google with YouTube!

My Ford Dealership took over Google with YouTube! - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Brian Mello writes: "Now, comes the fun part. Those customers are finding my dealership because they know we exist, they have heard of us before, they have done business with us etc. What I really wanted was to get in front of customers that aren't looking for us. You might think, that sounds a little strange why would you want to get in front of customers not looking for you?
This industry is a game of numbers, as we all know, the more customers we can land on our website, the more opportunity we will have to sell vehicles. Why not have your dealer show up when customers are searching for your competition, or maybe another location? My first video I decided to go after the local Ford dealers customers, and I will show you how."

Car Dealers: 5 Keys to High Level Employee Motivation

5 Keys to High Level Motivation - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Al Mosher writes: "Motivational speakers can’t motivate you. Oh, they can get you all excited about a new idea or concept but that’s not motivation. Motivation is turning that excitement into action and only YOU can do that."
"The good news is that means you can be motivated and/or have a positive attitude whenever you choose to. No one can make you have an unproductive day or a crappy attitude unless you let them."
"In order to maintain a consistently high level of motivation, you need to have a plan to keep your motivation at that kind of level. This plan should include these 5 things:"

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Facebookification of Twitter Makes Scrolling the New Click – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

In his ADM Professional Community Blog article, JD Rucker showcases recent changes to Twitter and how the micro blogging network is becoming more like Facebook. Rucker also explains how car dealers can better use Twitter to both acquire new business and retain previous customers.  Use the link below to check out Rucker's article and his included illustrations... 

Glossary Of Ad Technology Terms; Advertising Age "The Digital Issue"

2014 Automotive Marketing Trends for Car Dealers

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Travis Hlavka's ADM Profile page - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Travis Hlavka's ADM Profile page - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Travis Hlavka writes: "Strategy Driven Solutions understands, and has identified, the patterns that limit and restrict business growth. We are among very few companies that realize most industries only know and use a single marketing approach, even though there may be dozens of more effective and profitable strategies and options available. We show our clients how to take different success concepts from other industries and adapt them to their specific business. This gives our clients a powerful advantage over their competition.  We have trained with the best of the best in every form of online, offline, and inline business and marketing strategies, and chunked it all down into bite-size pieces. Experts such as: Anthony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber, Jim Rohn, Mike Koenigs, Frank Kern, and others.  This allows us to implement the most effective strategies available, immediately, or in a phased approach when needed."

ADM Community asked Travis about what he would be contributing to the ADM Professional Community... His response was: "One of my biggest contributions would be from being able to brainstorm new "out of the box" ideas and strategies. I am also very good at analyzing existing systems and strategies to provide ways for improvement."

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Car Dealers: 4 Mobile Marketing Musts of Google Advertising

4 Mobile Marketing Musts of Google Advertising for Car Dealers

4 Mobile Musts of Google Advertising

by Dan Blau, Cobalt Digital Advertising Analyst
Over the past decade, advertising budgets across the country have been increasing in the automotive industry. A new eMarketer report projects that the US automotive industry will spend $5.07 billion on paid digital advertising in 2013, with that total rising to $7.80 billion by 2017.

As budgets increase so does the number of channels in which those ad dollars can be spent, making decisions about where to spend your dollars extremely challenging. One important channel that should not be overlooked is mobile advertising on Google.

For the first time, smartphones are currently on pace to outsell standard feature phones. To say that the mobile car-shopping population is growing is an understatement. A J.D. Power & Associates study found that the percentage of US vehicle shoppers who have visited an automotive website via a smartphone grew from 17% in 2010 to 31% in 2012.
This increased access to smart mobile devices in the hands of potential car shoppers is a largely untapped opportunity. Especially when you consider that mobile shoppers are proven to convert better than desktop shoppers.

A recent study of Nissan's digital traffic found that mobile car shoppers are 30% more likely to submit a lead than their desktop brethren. These potential customers tend to be on the go, in more of a rush, and looking to gain information--- and sometimes take action--- as quickly as possible.

If you're not advertising and promoting your brand to roving car shoppers, that will help you build a strong mobile brand

Here are four mobile musts for your dealerships website and ad campaigns that will help you build a strong mobile brand.

1. Consider Your Mobile Shopper's Experience

Before even thinking about advertising to drive traffic to your mobile site, you first need to get the site ready for proper viewing. The goal should be to make a simplified version of the full website that is user friendly and intuitive for your mobile shoppers.
First, make sure graphics and all content load quickly. Mobile users have limited time and attention spans. Aresearch study conducted by user experience expertsAkamai shows that mobile website bounce rate increases drastically if a site takes longer than 6 seconds to load.
Your next step should be to consider the varying screen sizes of mobile devices. Verify that appropriate formatting is in place to make the content appealing and easy to navigate while viewing on phones and tablets.

2. Appeal to Mobile Search Traffic

Now that you've streamlined your mobile site, it’s time to put yourself in the mind of the mobile shopper. Ask yourself:
What searches would a mobile shopper perform, and how can I utilize that search information to drive relevant traffic?
The user experience when performing a dealership search is different on a phone or tablet than it is on a desktop. For one thing the potential buyer is using a touch-screen, and therefore is less likely to type a long search query. Shorter searches mean that the keywords you need to bid on need to be very precise. It would be wise to consider possible shortenings or abbreviations. And be sure to avoid using keywords that are overly broad that will end up attracting irrelevant clicks.

3. Enhance Your Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns in Google Adwords is a powerful feature than can help you organize your different mobile campaigns and set your mobile bids to ensure your ads perform better. Think about the size of a mobile screen and how important it is for mobile ads to rank high. On a desktop there are ten ad positions that take up close to one third of the screen, while phones and mobile devices might only feature three ad positions that occupy 50% of the screen.
That's some valuable real estate right there! This monopoly on screen space is another reason why mobile ads tend to have higher click-through rates.
And in case you were wondering... Yes, Google has effectively monopolized the mobile search market. According to Global StatCounter, Google's mobile search market share was 96.9 percent as of May 2012. This alone is more than enough reason for dealers to embrace Enhanced Campaigns in their mobile strategy.

4. Optimize Your Landing Pages for Mobile

Potential phone and tablet customers deserve the same experience as desktop shoppers. Directing users to designated landing pages with strong, relevant content--- and not just dropping shoppers on the home page--- is a big part of providing that seamless experience. These landing pages should be mobile optimized, easy to navigate and in line with the site’s overall style and layout.
These steps may seem basic, but there are still brands out there that ignore the simplest things that make the biggest impact on their dealership advertising.
What steps have you taken to make sure your advertising is reaching the growing mobile shopping community?

About the Author
Dan Blau has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Washington State University and brings 5 years of digital advertising experience to Cobalt. Before working at Cobalt he was a Marketing Specialist at a Bellevue e-learning company. Dan's first car was a 1995 Turquoise Toyota Tercel 5 speed. He's a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan and is a season ticket holder. Feel free to reach out to Dan