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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are Vendors Selling Car Dealer Customer Data for Big Cash?

Do You Know Many Vendors YOUR DEALERSHIP Is Paying Who Are Selling DMS Customer Data to Other Vendors for Cash?

Jim Ziegler writes: "Isn't it amazing how all these cockroaches scatter when you turn on the lights? For years I've been writing and blogging about this pack of self-righteous criminals pilfering through the dealers' data and stealing your customer information to resell and abuse. They called me every name in the book and slandered me. NOW, all of a sudden we're seeing multiple proofs and suspicions spotlighting the blatant criminal activity and suspected activities of these shady vendors disguised as alleged dealer partners."
In this article published on the ADM Professional Community, Jim Ziegler goes on to state: "It's time to intensify the hunt and flush out all of them. Not singling out any specific vendor here BUT aren't we all getting a little sick and tired of Technology Pirates stealing your business while you pay them to lower your profits and defame your good name while all the while they are selling your customer information to other vendors and ultimately selling your customers to the competition?"

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