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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Drive Car Buyer Engagement With Your Inventory Search Results Page

How To Drive Car Shopper Engagement with Your Vehicle Search Results Pages - Automotive Marketing Professionals

by Dave Hollander, Online Marketing Manager

Three tips to help your dealership drive shopper engagement with your VSRs:

The shoppers we studied only wanted the most essential vehicle information to appear within the VSR listing, and they preferred that info in the form of a bulleted list. Bulleted lists are more easily scanned. And the job of the VSR page is to help shoppers quickly narrow down their search to a few vehicles and then drive them to view the vehicle details pages for those vehicles.

2. Don’t Sell Cars from the VSR

When it comes to merchandising your inventory, pushy, over-eager VSRs can doom your VINs to a life of loneliness, desperation and discount pricing. Most of the participants in the study were confused that there were options to get a price quote or complete a finance application on the vehicle search results page. And none of them were ready to contact a dealer from this page. Use your calls-to-action on your VSRs wisely, and limit yourself to just one CTA per vehicle that drives visitors to that VIN’s VDP.

3. First Impressions Count

Participants reported that stock photos on VSRs left them with the impression that those vehicles were “all the same.” Consequently (and not surprisingly), 70% of shoppers in our study did not click through from a VSR to a VDP on a vehicle listing with a stock photo.

Car shoppers can’t connect to canned imagery. And they need to connect to click. So it’s important to always include flattering photos of the actual vehicle sitting on your lot on each VSR listing.

Your VSRs are more than just the red-headed stepchildren to your VDPs. Download the complete study to find out how to fully optimize your VSRs and VDPs.

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