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Monday, May 19, 2014

Dealer Website Innovation Inspired by Scratchpad

Inspired by Scratchpad - Automotive Digital Marketing

It takes a lot to make a positive impression on me when it comes to features being added to a car dealer website... But, I have to admit to being HIGHLY impressed with the innovations I found on the dealer website listed in Chris Cachor's ADM profile and reference in this article. First and foremost, the site's use of Facebook's social profile login (something I recently posted an article about) is super easy to use and very smooth. It also successfully grabs the consumer's data and in a very user friendly way discloses to the consumer that the dealership has harvested their data from the user's Facebook profile... Here are a few screenshots from this morning:


I was curious, so I clicked the registration tab on the upper left...


My curiosity even further piqued, I clicked to use my Facebook profile to register onto the dealership's website...


A seamlessly smooth and very customer friendly experience!

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